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Date: September 30, 2022

38 thoughts on “Maryelle live webcams for YOU!

  1. What state are you in? It sure isn’t California there if you’re having a manic episode or the like they will put you on a 5150 in no time flat I worked the ER 35 years…

  2. Ew. That’s absolutely disgusting and I would NOT tolerate being in a relationship with someone who refuses to clean them-self. You’re completely justified breaking up with him IMO.

  3. You shouldn’t have physical contact and closeness like that with any other female. People can hug as a sign of shaking hands, kind of thing, but not laying on each other or holding hands. It’s just ridiculous.

  4. Then your options are:

    wait to see how Christmas goes since this is the first event since you had your talk and he's not had the opportunity yet to show you he changed break up because you're unhappy accept that he's not a gift giver

    That's it. Pick one.

    And say exactly what you want from now on. Get him only what he says he wants as well. Spending ridiculous sums of money on this isn't doing you any favors.

  5. Let me switch this scenario for you…

    You find this pornstar really hot Lana Rhoades, Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann, whoever you really wanna fuck & watch all the time. They follow you back, one day you get a comment saying youre really sexy ? from them. You message her in the DMs, you remember your gf has access to your DMs so you block her from accessing it…. What are you planning on doing? You trying to get some pussy

  6. You walk away from the friendship and focus on your relationship.

    Don’t ruin your gfs relationship with her sister.

  7. if you can't resolve arguments because he is giving you the silent treatment, I think it might be better to ditch him, and find someone who can resolve arguments like an adult.

  8. dynamic having all my 20-22 year old friends and then just my 34 year old boyfriend there- there’s nothing they have in common and I don’t want to make the celebration awkward.

    Given that 20-22 year olds have nothing in common with a 34 year old why are you dating this person?

  9. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. Our relationship has taken a deeper dive down over the last couple of days and I don't think there's anything I can do. I know I don't want to be in a relationship like this, and we're now talking about selling our house and going our separate ways

  10. Uh, MPD (DID) is a really complex disorder not diagnosable by light observation. The fact they used the incorrect name leads to more proof, I’d not trust their bs comments. Therapists don’t diagnosis these kinds of disorders, they collaborate with doctors. Gross, stop asking them for advice…..maybe stop trying to diagnose her, this is just, not appropriate.

  11. It's not football. It's his unresolved anger issues and how he manages his hobby. Best thing I ever did was stop watching it live (except for parties or super bowl) and just watch the highlights on YouTube. A 4+hr game is condensed to 15 min. It opened up my Sundays for everything parent related. I don't know how someone would be able to park there butt for a day to watch football and essentially have their emotional well being invested in a game, something out of their control. I don't know if he is addicted but it's def going way too far.

    You aren't crazy. Best of luck.

  12. Your boyfriend's reasoning is coming from a place of extreme trauma, and I don't think he's going to budge on this. But I also don't think he's being fair or rational by asking you to cut off your friend because of this. It sounds like your bf is in desperate need of a therapist if he isn't seeing one already, but if you're forced to choose between the two I'd probably advise you to pick the one who isn't demanding you cut loved ones out of your life based on one bad decision.

  13. He gets lazy at night??? Are you married to a kid. What the actual fuck lmao. No, that’s unacceptable on all levels. I couldn’t even read this post properly after reading that part.

    You need to tell him stop lmao. Can’t even believe this is real

  14. Came here to say that: I’d love to hear from the guys who support universal paternity testing… but they seem to have arrived already, and they seem to be outraged by this.

  15. She’s living her “best life” ?. Fr tho, FOMO is a major fear for people in gen z and millennials. And it doesn’t just evaporate when applied to sex and possible relationships. That being said, I think she needs to take a giant step back and ask herself what she really wants in life. Because if it’s a happy/healthy long term relationship she’s obviously going about it wrong.

    As for you, just quit catering to this bs. You’re basically being an emotional enabler, patching her up for the next cat wreck. I know she’s probably your best friend but if that’s the case and you really care about her well being stop picking up the pieces for her.

  16. “Nooooo… dont cut her out. You have to keep being her emotional tampon. Common OP. Man up!!” – Average Reddit User

  17. To me, it’s less about his guest policy than the fact that he seems to think he can dictate how things will be and when you disagree, there’s no compromise, no discussion, just my way or the highway regarding something that impacts you.

    Anyway, it’s one thing if you have company and someone needs to crash because they’re too drunk to drive. It’s another thing to plan to have someone couch surfing for a week. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a discussion.

  18. So first it's can't hang out with mom. What's the next thing? Can't get a pet? You mention you only moved back because of your girl. Are decisions often made by her and you just go along to keep the peace? We live near my husbands mother. If he wants to go visit her I say go. I'm not threatened by them having a relationship because it's his mother. We can do things any other time of the week.

  19. We met at a little house party for my friends’ friend, she dragged me along because she wanted to intro me to her friend. Anyways I saw one of my actual friends that I play Rocket League with sometime. I informed my friend excitedly that I hit champ 2 and then Jack heard me (he came down as he knew bday boy) and was like “wow you play Rl that’s cool I’m GC3 Peak SSL like a few seasons ago.” But then the night progressed and we talked about stupid flying car soccer for an hour and then somehow we got into guitar and we just clicked and we both are just super into guitar. Then when he went back we just like talked for a month lightly about college and life but mostly hardcore just played a lot of games and had fun so never crossed my mind to ask about age as it wasn’t something I cared about atm. It’s just when he came down to take me on a date it hit me like a train that I didn’t know his age, I just knew he was in for comp sci at the other Uni in state.

  20. I'm so glad for you that you were able to make it work and that you're both happy now! I have chronic health conditions, both physical (pretty similar to CF/ME in a lot of ways really) and mental (depression and ADHD) too. Being on the right mental health and ADHD treatment makes everything so much more manageable! Which is extra necessary when your partner has health conditions and you have to be a caretaker/have the sole financial burden resting on you. It's a lot. But good partnership and communication saved the day for you guys! It sounds like you have a great relationship and you're both able to support each other, which is fantastic. I wish you both many happy years to come!

  21. Unless she tells you she's changed her mind, you need to stop picking the scab so the wound can heal. That means no contact until you've had a chance to move on emotionally.

  22. Your husband does not care about your pleasure, and actively engages in a sex act you do not like, after telling him you don’t like it. He does not care about you. Talk to a lawyer. He’s 51, will not change, and has shown you how little he values you and your needs.

  23. I agree with returning the gift but I also think you need to have a conversation with your bf about boundaries and expectations re: sex.

    Start with asking him why he would “gift” you a dildo? Like, what exactly was going through his mind? (Try to come across as curious rather than accusatory if you want him to answer honestly rather than get defensive)

    I'm dumbfounded as to why he thought this would be an appropriate gift for you. And yeah, it does seem like boundary-pushing to me. Not cool.

  24. Serious question: What has to happen that will make you want to leave him, if not any of those things that happened before?

    When have you had enough: When he starts harming these girls irl? When he harms you? Him harming your future child?

    What would you tell a friend that was in a similar relationship to yours?

  25. It's been a MONTH. This is not a long term commitment kind of thing. He can sort out his own dick.

  26. Is being controlling always bad? There are certain boundaries in relationships. A lot of people have them much more restrictive than you have. Of course you bf might have completely different opinion on the matter.

    The super secure approach is uncommon, as it requires both parties to be very secure people. Otherwise it is done at the expense of feelinfs of one partner. In this case these are your feelings.

    This is really, a compatibility issue. It isn't wrong to fund it unacceptable what he wants to do. The most fair thing for you is to tell it to him openly, and accept possible fall out. If differences between you in such matters are too big you just shouldn't be together, for your sake.

  27. My(M) best friend is a woman, so I understand the struggle. Is there a particular guy that is setting off the alarm bells for your bf, or is it all of them? I'm betting he is getting a bad vibe from a particular friend, and it's triggering his past trauma. He might not even want to admit if it is a certain person to not look like a fool to you.

    Maybe just sit with him and get his take on why he is feeling uncomfortable now? And I would try to get him to participate more with your friends. I did that with my wife and bff, and they are friends as well now. Sometimes, you're more afraid of the unknown. Maybe if he gets to know them more, he will be more comfortable with you around them.

  28. You did the right thing. This type of situation is what was happening in my life age 19-23. He’s way too grown for that.

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