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Date: September 24, 2022

11 thoughts on “A n i e R o u s e live webcams for YOU!

  1. The fact he lied is a bad sign.

    But are you happy? Does he meet your needs? Is he good to your children? Does he validate them and love them unconditionally? Does he love consistently and in a predictable way on 99% of days? (We're all human and allowed a shit*ty day or 2)

    Or does he chop and change so you never know if you're getting? Is affection unpredictable? Is it massive highs, withdrawals and lows where you beg for scraps of attention/affection?

    You need to step back and ask some serious questions.

  2. That fact you two are splitting bills and instead of her using her leftover money to send….she wants you to send your own money to benefit her family in which you get absolutely nothing in return….I'll be direct, you need to LEAVE her and keep working on you because another (more than likely better) woman will come along. If you let her “anger” (she isn't truly angry) get you into sending money to her family and you decide to stay with her then you're not going to have anything saved for retirement and you'll probably be working until your ?…hope she doesn't take your ? behind your back and leave before you notice.

  3. He said he needs space so you need to back off. Nothing turns someone off more than desperation.

    That being said the fact you have fights like this doesn't sound healthy at all.

  4. See, this is weird to me. I would never want/feel comfortable with my ol lady sleeping with some other guy unless I had absolute bad intentions from the very get-go.

    If you tell someone back home what is going on, unless they aren't 'team you', they'd probably more than likely help you get home.

  5. You need to sit down with your parents and tell them, when you invite me, you invite him. You need to let them know you two are a package deal and you aren’t going to stand for them excluding him. Tell them not to bother to invite you if you plan on not making plans for him to be there.

    Let me ask you. If his parents were disrespectful to you, wouldn’t you expect him to defend you? Your parents are disrespecting your family and driving a wedge in it. It’s past time you took care of this, defend your family!

  6. Always trust your instincts. You know your relationship so you need to decide.

    No one communicating in a professional manner signs of with a ❤️..everyone knows that mean love.

    Someone with nothing to hide would not be sneaking around. They would be forth coming woth you.

    His location setting is all of a sudden turned off?? What does he have to hide?

    He's never mentioned her to you. Therefore she is a secret. You didn't even know her name. Never met her

    I've never met my employees outside of work to provide “guidance at night”..they work together all day..why is it not done then?

    Unless he's a top secret agent, there is no reason for you to not know his passwords (together 4yrs..no reason for him yo hide his phone from you)

    No talks about work all the time. So what's with the Instagram, FB etc..with her?? All the constant communication.

    Some people do not think emotional affairs are cheating. It is because you are no longer the person they confide in..no longer their priority.

    If you are really good friends & trust someone at his office, you could ask them. There are also apple cell phone trackers.

    Sorry..maybe there are answers to all this. But he doesn't seem very forth coming with answering your questions.

  7. i mean i’m sure you’re girl wouldn’t like some of the shit you got going on on your profile but a twitter rando is what you’re upset with her over? ok

  8. She gifted you the money when she didn’t even have to tell you about her bonus. There is no need to feel guilty. Take the money she gave you, so wanted to! Simple as that?

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