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  1. I was so surprised when the question at the end of this story was “did she cheat?”and not “she’s gay, right?”

  2. I would tell gf you want to take this step but will not be policed about clothing choices in your own home. Super simple. If she doesn’t like that maybe it’s time to move on. Unless you want to forever have her telling you how to dress on your off time…

  3. It used to be saying that you shouldn’t get black out drunk was good advice.

    But now it’s victim blaming? There are steps people should take to be safe and secure in their relationship and that includes not getting black out drunk.

  4. Literally so true. I still remember when I was around 19-20, thinking to myself: “I understand why there’s age gaps in relationships! I bet when I’m 30 I’ll still fancy 19 year olds!”

    And now I’m 30.. it’s like… “eww, no.”

    Most people under 23 seem like actual children to me

  5. What do you mean…might be bipolar?! I have bipolar disorder and would never act like this. Behaviour like this is not indicative of bipolar disorder.

  6. This guy is trash. I’m in my 30’s — almost everyone I know has kids at this point. No one has ever demanded a paternity test. That is not normal. These tests didn’t even exist until a few years ago.

    Don’t let anyone convince you this is some little thing. If you’re married and ready to have kids you should have a minimum amount of trust in your spouse to believe they wouldn’t parent trap you.

    If you don’t have that trust, that means there are issues in the relationship that need to be resolved before having children.

    Literally millions and millions of fathers are happily raising their families without paternity tests. And have done so for the entirety of human civilization. If there’s no history of infidelity in your relationship it shouldn’t be an issue.

    This has revealed much bigger character flaws in this guy and I think you seriously need to reevaluate the type of person you’re considering marrying.

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