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  1. The only way he won't control you is if you cut him off. He already showed you he won't respect your boundaries when you told him you needed time and he instead started to stalk you and get mad at you over things that are none of his business. It is not your responsibility to manage his feelings. I understand you are also going through a hard time but keeping this person in your life will only result in even harder times. You have a good heart but no one is entitled to it so please take care of yourself and find people who truly have the best intentions for you.

  2. you spent the post talking about how attractive you are and how you are doing well in life. the one thing you conveniently skipped over is standards- providing someone with financial stability obviously needs to be met with them contributing in an equal way. chores, housework. etc. not love and care. that opens you up to gold diggers and mooches. love and care should be mutual not for money. sex is supposed to be wanted by both. again finances don't matter in that. being an impressive person and knowing your worth are two different things. dating is to find someone compatible who adds value to your life, not offering someone a free ride in return for love. a person who's loves and cares for you will not be concerned with whether you're funding them or not, they'll be focused on being loved and cherished by you. reciprocation is important and you seem to be very giving, where is the return? if someone loves and cares aren't they going to contribute in their own ways? go out of their way in terms of nurturing and house keeping since they can't financially contribute?

  3. It sounds like you’ve made some poor decisions in your life that have gotten you to this point. Now it appears that you are looking at making more poor decisions that will again put you in a bad spot. My advice is to start making smart decisions.

  4. You want to be with someone who makes you feel insecure? And you’re asking us how to stop being jealous/insecure?

  5. And this is why people think your defending the husband AND, blaming OP.

    She's not a hole in the mattress. She's basically a single parent living with an extra child after she's already had a baby.

  6. Do you really think God wants you to be in an emotionally abusive, loveless marriage? Do you think God wants you to show your daughter that it’s better to stay in a toxic home then leave?

  7. It is the right decision. I always find it so odd when people make comments like 'don't let politics into things' etc but in this day and age politics is literally about making decisions about life or death, or how you live your life fundamentally. I don't see how they can't come into play and with something like a relationship you absolutely have to be on the same page about the big things. He sounds like he's going to get more extreme in his views and you should really assess things if you don't share the same values.

  8. It doesn't even matter why this is happening. Being this late consistently would be a dumpable offence for most people this early on in a relationship.

  9. Why do you need hotels? Do you live in separate places and meet halfway or something? Costs should be split 50/50. You pay once, he pays next. If neither of you can afford it, find different places to stay.

  10. Yeah guys can't ask for someone number unless they are trying to fuck them… You guys serious with this comment. Jesus this sub is falling apart

  11. He is asking if his wife is right or not and she is. No one said anyone was obligated. You are being super defensive lmfao. Don't ask customer service workers for their info. Just leave yours and go. Or just enjoy a customer/service relationship jfc.

  12. I mean if she’s making you feel like shit just don’t talk to her again and ghost her. She probably wants a reaction out of you so just don’t give her anything, find a cool hobby, and live your life without her bullshit

  13. It depends on what is meant by “situationship”. When this started, were boundaries discussed as far as expectations of being exclusive? That would make a difference.

  14. Easy, leave him. Problem solved ? what a douchebag. Don't stick around with people that don't love you. I don't have eyes for anyone else other than my lady, that's how I know I'm in love. I don't even have to try. Everyone looks ugly to me. ❤️ has made me blind.

  15. (this is my first relationship lol)

    I kind of figured which is why I'm trying to be generous to both of you in this situation.

    This is good for both of you to learn healthy ways of dealing with issues in relationships. The next time something bothers you think a little less if its “normal” or not. Think more in terms of how much it bothers you and if you want it in your relationship.

  16. Has he seen a doctor??

    Do you have hepa filters in your house? They really help.

    Get the one with the uv light in kills viruses.

  17. Haha thank you so much for this awnser, I am just really scared comming out of a past gaslighting realtionship with my ex that he will not take it well when we talk about his mom, he is different but I'm really scared and idk if thats on me.

    And yeah how she is treating him is not right even my parents say that

  18. That's literally disgusting and this man is taking advantage of you!

    I am closer in age to my son than this man is to you.

    He is a pervert.

    You aren't being infantized your parents are worried because you are being groomed by a pedophile.

  19. Ha! My mother took me to a shrink in my teens, and he also said they should discipline me more!

    But you're an adult now so you won't have that same experience.

  20. Stop worrying about your relationship and just be in it. If you need down time a good partner gives you that. You don't have to always interact. A good relationship has its quiet time as well

  21. focus on her. focus on her for like an hour. the buildup is awesome and even if you cum in 2 mins then you’ve had fun for an hr before that

  22. Why would I break up with the man I love and I do care about. I am actually a very loving caring girlfriend to him and we get along extremely well. I cheated and it’s something I’ll never do again.

  23. She specified in a comment that she was the one who suggested to her husband she may not improve and be able to travel as they had been in the future, and he took days to come back with a response, and even then he didn't actually say divorce.

    I think this is something she should address with her therapist in case it's her anxiety around travel leeching into other areas.

  24. Because you keep insisting the same wrong behaviour and you don't understand what you did wrong in the first place. If you want to date others give to the people you are seeing the same choice to not be exclusive with you!!!

  25. You asked. She vaguely said no. You left the door open.

    That's perfect. Don't follow up – the door is open, if she wants to see you she'll walk through. If she doesn't, she won't.

  26. First things first, if that ever happens to you, you spit it back on them – preferably in their face. Secondly, you tell them to get the fck out and instantly block them. Thirdly, report them to the police.

  27. It is not a serious relationship, she is playing cougar way to early in life, her midlife crisis is going to be very interesting, you are teenager, you are a cub to her a toy boy if you will. Report your car stolen, find a room to live in focus on your studies and date from your age range.

  28. The problem is he doesn’t seem interested in wanting a relationship with his children. Of course it’s great for children to have a positive relationship with both parents but whether he’s motivated enough is very different.

    You may end up telling them that dad has serious mental health issues and isn’t working to overcome them be a better person. He’s just overwhelmed and not handling them.

    This situation is unusual in his extreme inability to communicate anything useful.

  29. This is who he is.

    You are wishing for him to be a different person. This is who he is. All the evidence and his actions are saying it loud and clear.

    You either accept it or leave. You can’t change him. No one is coming to save you, save yourself and choose better for yourself. Make a plan. Reach out to friends and family for emotional support

  30. You don't have to share your financial information with a woman you've only been dating a few months. Put on your big boy pants and tell her no. If she breaks up with you over this, consider it a bullet dodged.

  31. She might be angry at first, but hate you forever and never forgive you for having developed feelings? If that is actually true, she would not be a very kind person at all…

    But yeah I see how it's tough to pull the trigger on this, you want this to end but also don't want to lose her as a close friend. So you want out but also you don't want out because she is your support system.

    Well if you're unsure, maybe it's best to wait until you're in a more stable place in life. Maybe her friendship is worth than your unanswered feelings for her at this point.

  32. How do you mean where is the man who loved you, when he’s the same all this time.. that’s not love. And ofcourse you don’t want it like that, honestly, who would? I would rather live and die alone than stay with that man for one day.

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