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  1. Should’ve never apologized ?‍♀️you will never “fix” this problem. Lol you and your kids will deal with this until this man dies. This is the type of guy that won’t change until you leave. Leave the house (not the marriage), stay with family or a hotel when there’s shit in the toilet..come back when it’s gone.

  2. It is rough, for sure. But save those makeout videos… not for yourself, but if anyone ever berates you for dumping her, you can show them why. And any time you start to feel sad and start to miss her, watch those videos and see the kind of woman she REALLY is. It'll help you accept things and move on, but sheeeeesh…. that sucks and I'm very sorry.

    My parents were foster parents, both my siblings were constantly tossed around in the foster system until they came to live with us… so I can sincerely empathize with the pain of not having a family – especially seeing how difficult milestone events were for my brother and sister, knowing that their biological parents had about a 1% chance of ever showing up/acknowledging their accomplishments. But… it's better to find out who she REALLY is now rather than have an established family (i.e., with children involved) and find out THEN. At least you're not having to sit your children down and explain to them why their parents aren't going to be living together anymore.

    My guy… take care of yourself. I know it's hard (trust me… in my early 20's I had my first fiancee run around on me quite a bit, including attempting to sleep with my BEST FRIEND)… focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Be kind. Maybe get drunk a few times about it. I can't take away the pain for you, but I can honestly say that I fully believe you'll be happy again – with someone new; someone worthy of your love and affection, not a thot in sheep's clothing.

  3. I mean why do you have to? Barring talking about stds/stis I don’t see a reason. Body count is so damn arbitrary and says nothing about you as a person.

  4. You can start with an ultimatum – this needs to improve or I'm breaking up with you. IDK how someone improves this but I'm sure you can research some strategies: think before you speak, think about whether what you want to say is about yourself, relevant, are you asking people questions or just talking about yourself?

    But if you're tired and you've done enough you can just end it and tell him that's why. He should know. He might be sad but that's life. Losing a relationship over this might cause him to improve, who knows. Although it's possible it's happened before!

  5. First, you need to own up to opening up her messages and snooping. Once you've admitted to your dishonesty about the messages, you can ask her why she lied to you.

    For a lot of people, “nearly a year” isn't long enough for family functions like weddings, vacations, etc. That's a personal decision, and varies greatly.

  6. I don’t care if it’s an unpopular opinion, but I can’t here for advice over this. I didn’t come here for sympathy. Please, be honest.

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