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Xiawa fans.ly/r/xiawaxo \ wishlist: lovense.com/wish-list/ms2m live sex chat

Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Xiawa fans.ly/r/xiawaxo \\ wishlist: lovense.com/wish-list/ms2m the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I was with her until the lesbian bit. I would not be happy with a lesbian doing that to my man. Absolutely no way. It's disrespectful to the partner, no matter how gay and how much you trust each other. Its not on.

  2. It sounds like you're making a lot of assumptions about her feelings and motivations. If this isn't something you can get over by yourself then you need to tell her it's bothering you and ask her to explain what happened and how she feels about it now. You can't just assume she has no regrets because you had one argument about it during which she didn't specifically say she felt bad about it – if anything, it sounds like she's ashamed of it since she's trying hard to move past it and feels uncomfortable bringing it up. If she were proud of her actions then she wouldn't be so bothered that you know.

    Instead of building a narrative in your head about her, talk to her. Don't accuse her of anything, just be clear that it's playing on your mind and you'd feel better if she could discuss it and answer questions. Maybe that'll help, maybe it won't and you need to break up because you can't move past your feelings about it. That's not a bad outcome – it's not fair on either of you to be in a relationship where respect is gone.

    Personally, I agree with the person you replied to, you're judging her past self and assuming her being involved in an affair years ago means you can't trust her character now. I believe pretty much everyone does stupid stuff when they're young and part of being human is being able to grow and recognise your mistakes and do better in the future. I do wonder if you're having doubts about moving to a different country for her and went looking for something you could argue about on purpose. If you're not sure about such a big upheaval then you don't need a reason to back out, you can just say 'actually this is a bit soon, I need to slow things down'.


    Yes you absolutely should “give up on him”. You deserve better than some abusive 37 year old who is threatened by his girlfriend having an apartment.

  4. I think if there an need for her to feel free and explore the world on her own, it will not be done with in this 2 day trip.

    She might be worried about risking a safe future with a person she loves and losing all the progress of the relationship, but that need for self exploration will still be there.

  5. Boyfriend sounds immature, shocking since he's all of 20 years old /s. You however sound immature, emotionally exhausting, draining, and like you are using all your issues as justification to act as childish as you want.

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