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Date: September 27, 2022

13 thoughts on “Helena-Baker live webcams for YOU!

  1. Okay so first of all long lasting relationships need a good relationship with the family’s of the partners or this world become a huge problem Especially if kids are ever in the picture.

    So this is a problem. Your girlfriend probably feels very uncomfortable around them right now especially if the cat was hurt or died and if that situation wasn’t resolved fully. Then as a gay couple I am sure she’s likely sensitive to people treating her differently then hetro couples. But it’s pretty common for parents to treat partners differently my dad is always nicer to my brothers girlfriends then my boyfriends it took my fiancé proposing to get invited camping when my brothers girl was invited after 6months

    So that could just be a normal difference between them. However it would be unfair to let your parents think you being around less is because of your girlfriend be honest that your becoming your own person and need to live with some space. Your girlfriend also needs to be able to speak up for herself.

    Honestly the best thing is having a open conversation with both her and your parents to be open with how they feel about eachother

  2. I accept your opinion and I can understand it can make sense to someone, but to me this guy doesn’t seem like he wants to help in any other way. If he would at least reject the moving idea but suggested something like paying her rent before she finds job again and she could repay him later. Also, I understand everyone has different moving in timelines but it’s lot like this is a fresh relationship. They have been together for 3 years.

    I guess I am also looking at it from my perspective. When my close friend lost job I offered her to move in with me for some time before she finds something and yes she was depressed and yes it was annoying but I would do that for anyone I love and hope they would do the same back.

  3. Can you look to lock your and kid credits? If he has the information and is desperate for money he may try to use it and take loans, making it more difficult for you to restart your life.

  4. I'm sorry you're in this situation, but it sounds like you already know exactly what is going on and what you need to do in order to prevent emotional damage to yourself.

    Yes, you could bring it up or continue to badger your father about this supposed great gift that just hasn't arrived yet, but what good would any of it actually do?

    There's no reason for you to put any more energy into this if it's just another one of your father's narcissistic plots, and if it turns out that the gift is actually real, then it will arrive eventually and allow you to be positively surprised for a change.

  5. You're not bad for wanting a healthy sex life with your partner. Dead bedroom can kill a relationship in a hurry and you're way to young to already be dealing with that.

    You do need to respect her consent, however if you've told her multiple times that your needs aren't being met and given her the opportunity to work on it with you and she just doesn't seem to care that's a red flag that you should leave because that applies to any need in the relationship not just sex.

    I (27M) have the same issue with my gf (23) but in reverse. She has a much higher sex drive than me where she wants it daily or sometimes multiple times a day and I can realistically only keep up with her pace 5 or 6 days a week, but more often than not it's 3-5 days a week.

    So to make sure were both happy I checked a few things to compromise with her. I had my testosterone levels checked (they're normal), I switched my anti depressants to wellbutrin so my sex drive wouldn't be affected by medication, I let her know that even if I'm not in the mood initially if she initiates and prolongs foreplay and teasing I can get in the mood, that if she wants to fool around it needs to be before I take my insomnia medication for the night, we also had an open conversation about both our kinks and preferences (toys, fantasies role play scenarios, positions, etc)

    Having attraction to your partner is only half the equation to a healthy sex life, clear communication can work miracles for it but it only works if both partners are willing to communicate and follow through with what was discussed.

  6. You got to be one of the most spineless people if you were willing to stay with a women who is willing to have you jailed and ruin your life and not to mention spit you. Then again you clearly aren't the sharpest tool in the shed if you think threatening someone is a good idea…

  7. Like others have posted here, I highly encourage you to share your relationship issues and what you are unsatisfied with in your current life / past decisions. This will be much healthier for you than talking about your escapist obsession.

    Harry Styles may have some appeal because he can get away with living his life as a man differently than just about all other men. This is extremely rare and he's literally swimming in circles that both a) highly enable this; and b) are pretty much the top of the top social food chain. If you were to date him, what would you contribute to his life? Are you a billionaire heiress with connections into the top of society? A highly talented actress or singer? I'm going to doubt it (but would be keen to hear what you think you would bring to such a relationship). Furthermore, if he were to date downwards it could literally make it much more difficult for him to be and express “who he is” (which should be a red flag enough for the obsessions some women have with him, but I digress)…

  8. Pepper spray may not be a great idea. If you spray it, the spray will linger in the air and if you cant get away quickly, you'll pretty much pepper spray yourself.

  9. Hope you dont loss any loved one due to drugs. But then we will see how much do you think they should be legal. BTW, even the so called recreational legal drugs, such as alcohol, kill and maim a lot of people lives… and they shoul be banned also.

    I am one to believe on personal freedom firmly, but story has proven again and again that some freedoms are not meant to exist, as people will ALWAYS abuse them. Sad, but historically true.

  10. Do you think she'd be ok if you sucked another woman's nipple? Probably not? Pretty sure (unless you are a baby ofc), sucking on other people's nipples is considered a sexual act. I'd never even consider including it on my list of boundaries because it seems so obviously wrong.

  11. Exactly my thoughts. I guess I was just looking for random strangers on the internet to affirm my thoughts to make sure I’m not going crazy.

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