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Date: September 27, 2022

8 thoughts on “SARA SAENZ live webcams for YOU!

  1. Welp. That kid is going to have a easy life. ? #relationshipgoals #bestparents #goodlife Lord I hate cheaters ??‍♀️

  2. If a man doesn’t want to have sex with his own wife and any other woman, there is only one possible cause. Or two.

  3. If I were in your position, OP, I would reconsider the relationship. To me, your partner sounds ungrateful and like she is complaining for no reason. Three years isn't long at all to sacrifice for financial security, considering that you still contributed to the expenses and she is only 39 – she hardly wasted her best years “sacrificing.” She had the option to leave and not marry you, but she didn't take it: it is unfair to complain about her own choice to stay, not to mention she now gets to reap the benefits of your work. If she hates you so much for what you have done, if she feels so intimately betrayed and discarded and like her feelings do not matter, why isn't she divorcing you?

  4. You can say porn lol. Whether it’s okay to watch or not in your relationship is entirely up for you two to decide. I wouldn’t say it’s an overreaction, as it might be a boundary for her. But she definitely should have let you know that.

    I’d sit down with her and talk it out more. Ask her why it makes her uncomfortable, if it’s a dealbreaker, etc. She likely shut down bc she was caught off guard. If she’s not willing to have that conversation, or if you guys end up viewing the porn boundary differently, you might just be incompatible. Maybe time to move on at that point.

  5. Bro, don’t be calling me the idiot. I know that shit isn’t deleted, all I did was trust my partner

  6. Well, what is her line of work and what is this secondarily traumatizing content? (without any identifying information)

    When I worked as a therapist, this was considered appropriate and healthy. Similarly, lawyers can discuss their cases – within certain guidelines – with professional peers. Nobody is supposed to keep all this bottled up.

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