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Date: October 1, 2022

17 thoughts on “Theofficialegypt live webcams for YOU!

  1. Mmm.. isn't that a bit weird, though? How can she know how strongly other people feel? It seems a bit manipulative to me.

  2. Given the background in your post, I would guess that the chances that your dad doesn't know that your mom has a lover is around zero. At best, they have a don't ask, don't tell relationship. You can ask your mom, but I would stay out of it.

  3. The difference between guys and girls who cheat is that guys leave her partner without having anything solid, they do it with hopes of the other person being their new partner.

    Girls on the other hand they want to testyhe relationship withthe otherguy first, they want to see if the other guy is serious and how they do in public. This is what your gf is doing right now.

    If you break it off now, she will be shock and not rdy. Have fun

  4. Take him out for a beer and let him know it’s not ok to wear the clown suit because he’s making his sister’s wedding about him. That you’ll have him removed if he does, and that it will be an issue between the two of you until he properly apologizes and makes amends after you have to have him removed.

    It’s not funny, and you don’t need to enable him.

  5. Please get out of this relationship. He’s gaslighting you while creating excuses for his awful behavior. Dump him and don’t look back. You deserve to be treated better. If you want, you can dumb him by telling him you don’t have time for him since you’re now dating the 5 guys other you’re interested in.

  6. First, I find it odd that your friends would cut you off. There has to be a reason you’re leaving out here but you’ll have to let us know.

    Either way, you’re not pathetic. It was logically a bad decision to become a FWB and stay in contact as “friends” if you every wanted a realistic chance of moving on, but it is what it is. It’s hard to let go. You’re not crazy even if misguided. But we live and learn.

    After that, your argument is sort of all over the place. Realistically, if you need to stay in and study, her “thriving” is irrelevant. But big picture, you can’t look at this as her being malicious. She’s moving on. That was going to happen. It needed to.

    So while I do ultimately suggest you get back out there and use all resources at your disposal, right now you’re unfortunately right; you would be using it to fill a void. If you just want to have some fun and hook up, I’d go for it. But if you want something real, I’d pause and give yourself some time to actually move on from her. Good luck.

  7. What was the fight about? You call it silly but it obviously was important enough to lead to this.

    She said you don’t work. There’s a reason for that. Why did she say that?

  8. Why are you on here asking for help but won’t take any advice. Then sit in your abusive relationshit and deal with it. Otherwise you gotta grow some guts, and look after yourself cause no one else is gonna do it for you.

    He has the power over you that you give him. Go to the police. Immediately. Tell your family and your support system he’s threatening all of your lives. I honestly think it’s just tactics to keep control over you, which gives even more reason to get it over with and take care of your problems. But if you really think your life and your families lives are in danger, the worst thing you can do is just sit there and deal with this.

    You need to go to the police right now. Bring the police and family that you trust, take your shit and leave. You can do it. We are all strong enough to do these things, you just have to believe in yourself. Isn’t your family worth it? Aren’t you? No one can help you if you don’t reach out and ask for help. Get a restraining order against him. Make sure you file a police report. Don’t be afraid of what will happen with him. He’s a grown man and his own actions have consequences he brought upon himself. You need to worry about you and your family.

    It sounds like you have your family in your life, which makes it easier to leave. But there are always other resources like women’s shelters, domestic abuse groups, government assistance, etc. No one is saying it’s gonna be easy, but it’s necessary and you will feel a million times better once you aren’t dealing with this. Don’t waste your youth on this walking piece of shit.

  9. Same impact to the listener, my friend. You're playing semantics in order to deflect attention from the real issues.

    Common abuser tactic, by the way.

  10. I’m so sorry. In all honesty I think it takes bravery and self-awareness to know that having children is not for you. And it’s sad that your partner would throw away 12 years because their ego is driving them to being a little version of themself into the world with or without you. Sending you a hug.

  11. You could say “ I was till you asked me that” or you could say “ if something wasn’t ok I know how to tell you”.

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