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Date: September 27, 2022

10 thoughts on “Aikabett live webcams for YOU!

  1. You need to have a good long chat with him. What happens if you have children? Will his mother still be top priority? If the answer is yes or even maybe, walk away now.

  2. You need to get YOURSELF some help. This is 100% your problem. You will chase him away with this bullshit because any normal person doesn't want to constantly feed an insatiable needy ego.

  3. Sorry but she's right that It's none of your business. Whether she is actually doing work or not, it doesn't concern you. If the teachers notice, they'll say something themselves. If they don't, she's only wasting her own time.

    You should be paying attention to your work, not worrying about what other students are doing.

  4. This is similar to how I found out my husband was cheating. Wish I’d investigated before asking him as it just gave him more time to lie and make an idiot of me.

  5. This…idk, I didn't realize so many women asked their husband's to do this. I've never asked my husband to. Many times, he's come home to a different setup. Including the heaviest furniture.

    I recommend the next time she asks you to uselessly move around heavy objects, that you have her help you. There's not much reason why she can't bear some of that weight. If she refuses, then you refuse to do any of it….ever again.

    And then buy some furniture sliders to make everyone lives easier. She seems to be underestimating how much effort it really takes to do it. She needs to be shown what she's putting you through. And show some appreciation for doing what she can't/won't do.

  6. She cheated. You can't control her behavior. You can only control your response to her behavior. She showed she doesn't care about you.

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