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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I forgot to mention in the post that we also have a trip coming up which is non refundable and I don’t know how I’ll spend a whole weekend with him feeling like this.

  2. Whenever it came to his emotions, he never said anything until we were at the point of ending things or after that. When I suggested the break he agreed, but later on (when he wanted to end things) I found that he didn't want to take a break even though I told him my needs weren't being met. I probably would've decided against it if we could've worked on a solution but he didn't tell me, so I didn't know. I did try to discuss him shutting me out, I told him all he did was talk to me when he was felt like it and how much it hurt but all he said was that he was sorry and it must've been frustrating. I tried to be understanding because he told me he trauma and found it difficult to open up about his feelings. That's why I thought giving him some space and time would help.

    I've been trying to get back into my hobbies, hanging out with my family more, possibly getting a job much closer to home and will eventually be going back to school too! It's been slow progress but hopefully if I can get a new job closer to home I'll be able to get back into my hobbies more.

    This entire situation has been very overwhelming these past few weeks if I'm being honest. A small part of me wants to wait it out and see if he'll actually visit but another part, the more rational part just wants to save myself the disappointment and end things. Either way I'll probably try to get into therapy since this has taken a larger toll on me than I originally thought. Honestly, thank you for the kind and genuine advice. I really do appreciate it!

  3. T sounds like a total AH. You did nothing wrong and as long as your BF has no issues what T thinks is irrelevant

  4. It’s not just a lack of empathy. He is not respecting you, your autonomy, your boundaries, your feelings, your trauma, etc. He has no compassion for what you’ve been through. He doesn’t believe it affects him in any matter, which it clearly does, and should by being in a relationship with you. Your husband sounds very selfish and oblivious.

  5. I’m sorry that your boyfriend violated you like that, and didn’t consider you literally at all!!!!

    You said he “tries to never cross” your boundaries, which to me sounds like he does cross your boundaries and just makes excuses or apologized after? Cause otherwise you would have said he doesn’t cross them….

    You are super young. There’s no need to try to dig down and stay with someone who disrespects you and isn’t considerate.

    Please reflect on how respected you actually feel by him.

    🙁 sorry

  6. Since it’s your first time living together, I’d recommend going the condo route and reassessing after you’ve tried living together for a couple years. It’s fair she doesn’t want to live near family, it’s just finding a compromise that you’d both be happy with that is difficult.

    Personally I could never live near my partners family, even though we have a totally healthy and normal relationship. I get side eye judgmental comments here and there that my boyfriend doesn’t pick up on until I tell him later. I see their household dynamic, the stress and energy, and it drains me. I wouldn’t want to include it in my life 24/7.

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