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Date: September 27, 2022

12 thoughts on “A N A S S T A S I A live webcams for YOU!

  1. what?! women were not put on this earth to be kept as “pure” for a man. this is absolutely disgusting

  2. She is a horrible human being the fact she said she doesn’t want to be a mom no more well tough luck should have thought about that before having 2. Children

  3. That fact you two are splitting bills and instead of her using her leftover money to send….she wants you to send your own money to benefit her family in which you get absolutely nothing in return….I'll be direct, you need to LEAVE her and keep working on you because another (more than likely better) woman will come along. If you let her “anger” (she isn't truly angry) get you into sending money to her family and you decide to stay with her then you're not going to have anything saved for retirement and you'll probably be working until your ?…hope she doesn't take your ? behind your back and leave before you notice.

  4. 32?? Most men grow out of this lame 'hur hur hur bro' shit in their late teens.

    He was being a skeezy perv. It's actually pretty pathetic.

  5. He says he doesn’t want to start a full blown right until she tries to contact him again, without fully apologising. He won’t talk to her until she acknowledges her behaviour and agrees to change, but also won’t send her another message saying she is cut off.

  6. This is over. I would have loved to see that therapist his face. If she slept with one it would have been tough to get over. But 30? You deserve better.

  7. I can't answer your question because of all the red flags.

    You listed a bunch of red flags. He sounds like he is moving from the wooing phase, through the separation phase and into the controlling phase. He's controlling if you can laugh? How is that good on your mental health?

    Ok, he has helped you in many areas. I've helped friends and strangers alike. That doesn't mean I should date any of them. You showed a few examples of how he helped you get away from some bad stuff, but it looks like he did it by trying to remote control you.

    You can't smile, you can't laugh, your family is worried.

    Take a break. Tell him you need 3 months to clear your head and think about your future and where you want to go. I suspect he will be vehemently opposed to it, perhaps going as far as denying you permission. (Huge red flag if he does). Spend some time with family, catch up with old friends and see your relationship without the rose glasses.

    When you find the right guy for you, there won't be even a third as many issues as you listed in your post.

  8. Lol. So you won’t marry someone who doesn’t share ANY of your spiritual values, which is fine. Why did you get back this girl then? What sense does that make?

    You ARE parenting her kids, badly, and you need to stop. “I just didn’t want yogurt on my couch”— so what did you do, yell at the baby again? Yelling at a little kid for something you’re not even mad at her about is too much.

    This is a mess. You don’t seem like you are a fit for her as a partner, or with the rest of her family. You seem immature, and I have no idea why you want this relationship in the first place. I know you said you wouldn’t leave her again— but WHY?

  9. ok this i can see. People do tend to make comments like this in an attempt to make someone else feel better. A personal example? I used to be so depressed about being single that my mom would say “its fine, so and so is single.” (I'm a guy and straight, she'd point out other men she knew to be single). That. Did.Not.Help.At.All. But people do that stupid sh..

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