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  1. Good point. My bf doesn’t treat him like that so that’s why it’s confusing to me. If it were reciprocal I wouldn’t care

  2. If you haven’t met in person before you absolutely should not go to their house. Only meet in a public place where you will be safe. She could be a 60 year old man for all you know.

  3. Join a group for something you find fun or interesting & don't put too much pressure on yourself. Nothing wrong with taking part & sitting quietly taking it all in until you're a bit more comfortable and sure of your surroundings, good luck.

  4. It sounds like OP’s husband thinks she’s lazy (because that’s what he said to her) and has many other issues with her. The debate (over the in laws coming for 2.5 months) just seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Just because OP chooses to sit at home all day (rather than pursuing help for her mental health issues) doesn’t mean her husband has to just accept it and be happy. I have anxiety, depression, and insomnia too. I go to therapy, take medication, and work. I couldn’t imagine waking up at noon, never leaving the house, and not working… I don’t think my husband would be very happy either.

  5. Girl, sorry to say but it sounds like he's just leaving the possibility of sex open in case he gets lonely or can't find anyone else.

    He doesn't sound serious about this at all. I'd move on (as hard as that is to say).

  6. Ha, my husband and I started trying right after we got engaged, because he was in his late 40s and I was in my late 30s and we thought it was going to take awhile since I was pregnant once before 4 years younger and it took awhile. We thought I would possibly be newly pregnant at the wedding a year later. Guess who had a 5 week old baby at their wedding?

  7. Important details, I got this trip via my job, and most of the expenses were paid by my job, except the food. I was allowed to take someone extra.

    Also, no I wasn't trying to do anything. I didn't center this trip around her but I just wanted her to have a good time as well because after all we were in Paris.

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