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Date: October 2, 2022

13 thoughts on “Anna caribean live webcams for YOU!

  1. He's a victim of terrible violence. It's not about who was the better man, it's about the anger and terror he felt, and the shame he feels now. It's post-traumatic stress.

    Talk to a doctor about it and get a mental health intervention.

  2. My dad gets my mom a Chico’s gift card every other year. Not on purpose, but it’s hard to shop for other people so he’s got about a 50/50 return/keep record going, and she likes shopping there anyways.

    An important step on everyone’s road to maturity is understanding that you won’t always get someone a perfect gift and that someone else won’t always get you the perfect gift. She should learn the later. And you should learn the former and recognize it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong and that her reaction is both ungrateful and dispassionate.

  3. I suppose he’s never told Me I needed to. I just feel awkward if I’m not empathizing. Like should I go about my day? Should I was the dishes while he sits on the couch and cries? That’s even more weird

  4. No. People I served with did this, and it always ends terribly. You'll be separated from each other for years.

  5. I did. She doesn't like confrontation so she doesn't do anything about it.

    I just find it weird that her bro would bring up someone she used to sleep with…is that not weird on his part.

  6. It's assault, sexual assault in fact

    That's a major leap on your part. She says she told him “I typically don’t like him touching my nipples”. She didn't day she told him to never touch her breasts. On top of that, this wasn't some random guy on the subway. The context was they are in a relationship and she was sitting on his lap. It's hard to avoid touching someone in that situation!

    If you really believe this was sexual assault, then you believe the OP should call the police?

  7. “Calling him out” isn’t the right way to handle it. He clearly needs therapy and support

  8. Your parents don't know shit, because of them you got bpd how would they know what is the right way to treat someone.

    Relationship between you and that boy is awful, he's mistreating you, keeps abandoning you, using you as some kind of joke… There is 0 love it's just so bad and toxic it's scary to even read about it.

    You're right whenever you feel like something is wrong, listen to it and get away from him. You can't make excuse for everything with him being drunk or on some drug. He's disgusting

  9. I don’t want to cause trouble in their relationship. I do agree though that this is my ex’s decision, and I absolutely don’t feel like I have or want any ownership of her. And I even regret not making up names for this post so that I don’t have to constantly refer to her as “my ex”, because I don’t even feel like that’s the most accurate label. We are friends more than we are exes, if that makes sense. And I feel like the gf is uncomfortable with ~the idea~ of us hanging out and if she knew how we really are when we’re alone, she wouldn’t have an issue with it and see it for what it is – a friendship.

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