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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I think you should tell her, but I think you need to think about your feelings right now and plans for the potential relationship really long and hard before you tell her.

    Your relationship sounds like it could be a very solid and long lasting one. I wouldnt haphazardly start a relationship with her without serious intent.

    The problem is that you are only 18 and have alot of learning and maturing to do. Part of the process is to make mistakes and learn from them. What you don't want to do is make too many mistakes with your best friend that you start to resent each other.

  2. I don’t see what’s wrong about having a conversation. How else are you two supposed to be on the same page? It seems extremely immature and unfair for her to stonewall you for bringing it up. Especially if she’s been throwing words like horny around in conversation. You didn’t demand to have sex or shame her for not wanting to did you? Conversations and communication are expected and healthy. She can communicate she is not ready for that yet and it’s really that simple. No need to freak out like that.

  3. She cheated, he doesn’t have to pay alimony in the state I live in for that. Depends on the state I suppose.

  4. My first question is are you sure she’s not asexual? If she’s not maybe you two need to talk about expectations, I did something similar a few times because I was nervous about somethings.

  5. Maybe it has been a comfortable topic for her to explore. Especially if you have shown an interest. She feels like it is common ground. Maybe you need to think of some other topics and make some mental note of things to talk or even research with her.

  6. It is important for any relationship to have a balance of attention and affection from both partners. If you feel that you are not receiving enough attention from your boyfriend, it would be a good idea to talk to him about it and see if there are ways you can make it work better for the both of you. Trying to seek attention from other guys while in a relationship is essentially cheating, even if it isn't always physical, so it is important to be aware of this and not act on it. You should also try to find ways to get more attention from your boyfriend that don't involve physical contact such as writing letters or sending each other meaningful gifts. Good communication is key to any successful relationship.

  7. It’s not that it wasn’t good enough. It was just limited. So it’s left you confused, and it’s okay to ask for more information so you can better understand. Think of it this way, flip it around, what would you want from a partner, have them secretly doubt you but not say anything, or have them ask for clarification?

  8. I'm really disappointed by the comments, most are just joking about being jealous of doctors etc. to make fun of your bf, totally useless.

    Here's my take: Yes, it's an overreaction and you didn't cheat in any way. This can have two reasons. Firstly, young guys are often very careful because they often feel like their gfs are too naive while they “know” that guys can't be trusted (they're not all wrong but often exaggerate, many young inexperienced dudes will abuse this innocence to get closer to girls). Secondly, it's true that people who end up cheating are more likely to be the jealous type beforehand. Of course this could also be something between him and your friend, if they know each other well already, or your bf has been hurt in the past.

    Figure out if it's the first reason, ask him if he actually believes your friend is interested in this and if he responds something about “guys” bring like “this” then it's number one. Also have a talk with him about intimacy because you two might have very different thresholds. Make sure to be clear that you clearly say that you don't consider this cheating, because cheating involves the intention to seduce somebody which was not at all the case.

    Wish you two the best!

  9. Ditch the video games and spend that time being productive. Use it to job search, work out, paint, write, practice instruments, etc. Video games might be temporarily fun, but once you turn the console off, you'll realize you have nothing to shown for your time.

    Women are not interested in men who can't at least pretend to have hobbies / ambition.

  10. She's definitely not communicating in an adult manner. Have you told her how you feel about this? Because her response to your feelings if you calmly talk to her will tell you a lot about her reasons for doing it. Anger could indicate manipulation. Shock could mean it's the way she's used to communicating with people and genuinely doesn't realize she's trying to make you make decisions for her.

  11. I really appreciate your reply.

    I have so many feelings.

    I went deeper and logged in to one of his chat apps. Hmm. Turns out he is also messaging real human women, asking for videos, sending and receiving selfies, saying he is single, asking to meet in mutual locations etc.

    At this stage, I'm not going to marry him, I deserve better, my children deserve better, I'm pregnant with his child for god sake.

    I hope I can calmly confront him and not let my emotions get the better of me.

  12. The two of you are partners. You shouldn’t be listened to just because you are the “father and breadwinner”. The two of you should talk to your baby’s pediatrician about safe sleep. The baby being in your bed can be super dangerous. Maybe try talking about putting the baby in a crib in your room. Frame it as a conversation around safety and health, not you and intimacy.

  13. You don’t have to confide every detail but someone you trust should know you have concerns.

    You need some help grounding you in rational thinking. Determining what is rational behaviour.

    Her talk about blood, cutting and physical violence doesn’t sound like something in a healthy relationship.

    Did she actually say she would kill you if you thought of leaving her?

    This is the extreme stuff but the clinging and obsessive communication needs are probably wearing you down.

    How are you hanging on to reason? Reasonableness?

    What you feel is normal has probably been obscured by her behavior

  14. Certain medications like the Contraceptive Pill can greatly reduce the symptoms of PMS, encourage her to speak to her GP for more options on how to cope with this time of the month better. In the meantime, placate the monster within with chocolate, hot water bottles, herbal tea and wine.

  15. Thanks for the advice. I have never specifically told her that it's a date yet. Guess I should be brave and tell her explicitly.

  16. No I haven’t seen a therapist I thought eventually it was just go away because I love my relationship, I just find myself thinking about it but I don’t ever act on it. We spend a lot of time together but it’s rarely private time anymore

  17. Do yourself a favor and search this sub for “I asked my significant other to open our relationship”. It’s just good knowledge for the reaction on your next post in a year.

  18. You are sticking up for an obvious abuser. Abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. If you haven’t lived through this kind of thing you wouldn’t understand.

  19. You are right. My grandmother had cancer and was paralyzed from the waist down, and she would prop herself up on her walker and cook for everyone. Disabled people are still abled in many ways, and can often still do plenty.

  20. I want to give advice but you maybe one the dumbest people I’ve seen post here. How are you forty? If spitting on you and a getting you arrested wasn’t a reality check then a Reddit post won’t do shit. Just delete it

  21. Please kick the hobosexual out!!

    He needs to have his child on his days off!!

    If he isn't sharing the bills, he needs to leave!!

    Have some self-respect and self-worth!

  22. As someone closing to your age (21f) I can see the sentiment of waking up next to your SO on your birthday. I can see how someone waiting till midnight on your b-day to wish you a happy day would feel very nice. Those things would all be wonderful and I don’t shame you for craving that kind of scenario.

    However, I don’t think it’s not some thing to be upset with him for. He asked to bring you along, and it sounds like the day of your real birthday was pleasant.

    I think it might be worth a small, easygoing convo with more of a future-focused, positive light. Stuffing it away might make snowball resentment issue later on.

    Instead of “you ditched me on my birthday eve and weren’t there when I woke up on my birthday and I’m upset about it.” Avoid any accusatory or hostile language.

    More along the lines of : “hey I’m really glad you had fun with some friends. I also appreciate your effort in inviting me to go along. Going forward, I would love to wake up next to you on important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Having you around at 12 am on my birthday would have been very special to me. However, I also don’t wish to stifle your social life. Is there a way we can compromise on how to better meet this need of mine for special day recognition in the future without impeding on your freedom?”

  23. Where did you get this at all from what the OP said ? He literally has not eluded to any form of hard feelings or jealousy at all. Fair enough if this was all withing a couple of weeks I'd understand you tryna spin this angle but cmon, a year and a half on he's just now realised he's hurt ?

    What's best here is for OP to tell her partner that she's potentially a cheating scumbag then let him decided if she actually cheated ir if they were broken up ect.

  24. Tom wouldn’t be homeless he would land with one of the women he’s been flirting with and pretty and pretty quickly with his sob story about how his terrible wife left him when he was at his work. Alley cats always land on their feet.

  25. Firstly- you need to encourage your friend to leave her husband. If they can’t divorce, they can at least separate. She should not be taking him to appointments, being his carer or working two jobs when he is being this disrespectful to her and taking advantage of her. She would still be being kind by allowing him to use her health insurance!!

    Secondly – your husband is being insanely unfair. Calling Sami a cheater is honestly just cruel! She hasn’t even dated yet? And he has no right to enforce his life views on other people who are not hurting anyone. He is also putting you in an awful and difficult position, and being very controlling and awfully judgemental. This is not ok.

    I would suggest couples counselling for the two of you, so they can help you understand each other’s perspectives

  26. After reading all the comments, I wonder if your wife is jealous of your father or scared that your father will take time that she would normally get. If everything you’re saying is true and you’re not omitting anything, she’s not being reasonable at all and is being extremely judgmental of someone she has never even met. Of course the judgment would make sense if she’s from a family of police. As the son of a wanna be cop who was a court bailiff, I know the type. You should take the kids and go to your father’s party.

  27. In a few years you will open your eyes and see who Alex really is…he likes young girls..

  28. By, “did a little research” what do you mean? Did you go through her phone or socials? How do you know his age? Also, if you're not exclusive y'all are both free to do as you wish. If you see something more serious as a potential for this girl, then talk to her and see if she could see y'all being monogamous at some point and where you stand together. Don't ask about the other guy until you define where you are.

  29. Maybe try not putting words in people's mouths? For starters.

    But I do agree that it's good to be reasonable and of course he should be able to check some of his behavior, at the very least while she's around. That indeed is just simple consideration.

    But we really don't know their lives nor how often this guy is fingering his asshole and smelling it. Could be he's doing it thinking he's alone and she's walking by and catches it. A little give and take might be in order from both. But if neither is reasonable then it's a wash.

  30. This has to be part of the conversations you have when start talking seriously about marriage. It's probably not fodder for “recently got into a relationship”. A lot of things could change in the couple of years or so you'd have to date this guy to be ready to pick him as a forever partner. He already seems to know that he has to pay down his credit card, no easy feat at current interest rates (and with the Fed threatening even more interest rate hikes). Maybe focus on just getting to know each other for now.

  31. thing is you may not know what to do, but importantly, do you want to do anything about this?

    because it will be work no matter how you slice it.

    whether you talk to a therapist to help with those issues or go the self help route or start reading philosophy or whatev, it will take effort to change yourself a little.

  32. yes. his school and rent is paid for by his parents. he said all the dinners, clothes, and travels is what the cost is from. so im like so confused?

  33. Welp, you just confirmed there are good reasons he’s your ex. At very least he should have been able to laugh it off, not act disgusted.

  34. They're not worth the honor of such affair. Just leave em to the crows in the figuratively sense

  35. Hold up – you haven't even physically met him yet and you're stressing about choosing your job or him for marriage? You've known him long distance for 6 months. 6 months in person generally isn't long enough to be thinking about planning your entire future around marriage – nevermind someone you've never physically met.

    You have zero knowledge of either of you will even be compatible with each other physically. It's wonderful that you feel like you have a strong long distance emotional bond and love for this guy. But that can be very different in person.

    Let's say things do work out. Have you actually talked to him about your futures and marriage? Is the pressure to commit in your own head or is he pressuring you to commit to it? Does he want to get married as fast as you do?

    You need to focus on yourself and your future. If he's truly the right person for you – he'll be there throughout your schooling. If not – well you'll find someone out there who will eventually.

  36. Honestly not really, just my coworkers. ??‍♀️ those I did have just fell off after graduation and most of my time is spent with my grandma, while I love her, she even agrees I need friends outside of her and my bf.

  37. Yes, controlling the actions of an adult woman is toxic and definitely a mistake.

    If you don't trust your gf, break up. That's the way forward here.

  38. you need genuine mental help, how many more posts with thousands of people telling you that is it going to take? i feel bad for your partner, he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way you treat him.

  39. Maybe? Again I got caught in traffic but if I had left as soon as I got the text then I probably would've made it.

  40. OP, he recorded sex tapes with you and fucking raped you. You really need to dump this piece of shit.

  41. Hard nope. My bf would NEVER, and I can’t think of a single male friend that would participate in something like that. Hope you break up but seems like you don’t quite get it, in your comments. Hopefully he didn’t leak your nudes to his friends, but I’d assume he did.

  42. I was incoherent and my self esteem is so bad that I was seeking external validation and at the time it didn’t matter to me about who it came from.

    you work on yourself until this isnt an issue. its up to her whether she forgives you.

  43. He left you stranded 3 times.

    He lies about having a “gift” for you (made it up to make you feel bad

    He gets mad when you get a ride home after he leaves you stranded.

    There is nothing good about this person. SO MANY better people out there. Literally any stranger on the street would not lie and leave you stranded in a strange place. He treats you worse than a random stranger would time to move on

  44. He did not defend you, he did not help you, he did not apologise to you-in fact he started to get angry at you-when it was him and his friends. This is not someone who cares about you.. dump him and you’ll never have to be in the same space as his friends

  45. Fair point. I feel like I am back in High School. I did man. Idk how many times I told her to leave. I told her leave that night. I even texted her mother whom is a therapist, so you would think would be smarter about this stuff, asking her to get her daughter. She won't. I can't even legally ask her to leave. Idk if you are in America, but it takes almost a year to evict someone.

  46. You didn’t slip, trip and end up kissing him. What’s next slipping, tripping and ending up on his dick? You are 14, you’re 24-own your shit

  47. That’s all good. It’s a friend trip. But be prepared if eventually you do have another friends’ trip in the future and then one or more of your friends brings their SO. It works out this time because no one has an SO to bring. Your boyfriend may not be too happy about it then but that is a future problem to deal with.

    You asked if you and your friends are being rude by not inviting him – did you even check with your friends if they even wanted to invite him? Right now it sounds like a ‘You’ decision that your boyfriend is not going.

  48. You'd be surprised how much working out can fuck with ED's. In an ideal world, sure you maintain both; however, in practice working out can give people with ED's another lever with which to throw their calorie intake out of whack.

    If someone with an eating disorder says that they can have an unhealthy relationship with working out, the lesser evil is to drop working out than try to manage both simultaneously.

    Maybe a professional can help them get to a place where they can balance both, but from my experience nutritionists sometimes tell you to just stick to the eating plan and not do more than go on walks/light activity.

  49. Bahahahs, ?? thank you- this post has my skin on high alert and I needed some comedic relief! You have to be able to laugh at this shit to put it behind you.

  50. This does not sound like a healthy/normal relationship – she is abusing you, she is manipulative and I think you be a lot happier with someone else.

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