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Date: September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “Sweetxariel live webcams for YOU!

  1. Sounds like he's looking for a sugar mama…

    How well does he contribute financially to the rest of your relationship?

  2. Normal is a relative term and it isn't something you should be concerned with. What's normal for one couple might not be normal for another.

    The thing is that as long as both you and your partner are happy, there isn't really a wrong answer

  3. Hi! I am in the same situation as you are, albeit on the side of your boyfriend. I am not a very communicative person through WhatsApp or any social media in general, while my girlfriend is extremely focused on communication when we’re apart. This hurts her, and I couldn’t really get behind why. It felt to me as if she couldn’t handle my independence and couldn’t accept that I have my requirements regarding personal space and me-time.

    I think we met in the middle after quite the deal of fighting over the matter. It consists of her being able to accept my requirements and personal space when I need it, as well as better communication regarding what I need in any given moment from my side. I also try to incorporate little things that into my day that tell her I think of her, eg sending reels on Instagram or just a random picture of what’s going on, doesn’t have to be a message.

  4. Yeah. She has a major alcohol problem. She’s also in denial, which is a bad sign too. And she’s making your her co-dependent crutch.

    You approach of setting boundaries is a good start. The hard part is actually letting her have natural consequences and not answering the phone.

    It’s likely that she’s going to choose alcohol over you.

  5. I am ready to admit that our start was not only unconventional, but also unhealthy, and that we should have taken that trauma more seriously from the start. Cutting contact is not an option for the time being due to reasons that evade our control. I don't want to just be strangers, I'd like to ask her how she's doing, how's she's feeling. I want to know if it's normal to have contact with her right now, albeit our situation has changed and I am fully aware of that.

  6. Fella she wants you as a little backup plan while she goes screws this other guy to see if he is “better” Have self respect and block her and move on. You can do better than a manipulative cheat

  7. Then why don't you say anything or do anything? You just said it wasn't your business so you're enabling and likely encouraging his behavior by simply watching giving the silent thumbs up. How can you watch someone get abused and be so callous towards them. Would you still defend your precious friend Mark by saying it's not your business if he were to beat and r*** her?

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