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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Ahh… to be 18 again and commit acts of unbridled toxicity for our own perceived benefit without so much as a thought about our actions could affect others.

  2. Can you try and surprise her with a day, just the 2 of you. A day date where the kids are at school or a babysitter. She's probably feeling lonely and disconnected from you. Think back to when you guys were dating. Do to brunch, a movie , a play anything that would make her feel special and loved by you. Sounds like you are sacrificing alot, but sounds like she's burnt out.

  3. Your boyfriend can’t even legally drink if you live in the United States and you’ve been richer for less than a year— you don’t even know if you’re compatible living together. Do not under any circumstances purposefully bring a baby into this relationship; even though he’s an adult, your boyfriend is still a teenager. Do you think he’s ready to be a dad? Do you genuinely think you’re ready to be a mom? Your life has literally only just started.

  4. I wouldn’t feel guilty/hurt about it. Not everyone likes to give/receive oral (myself included), but they may still be willing to do it because they know it makes their partner happy and they get some degree of enjoyment from that – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not like he said he hates giving you head or doesn’t want to do it, it may just not be his favorite thing to do (but still something he’s happy to do).

  5. You don't seem to know what exactly you're talking about.

    Marriage itself doesn't do away with benefits. Benefits are determined by household income.

    Marrying increases her household income to include his income with hers. So if they are still within the bounds of the income limits to receive benefits, it wouldn't matter if she was married.

    You should be mad at the income limits. Have the income limits raised or done away with if you don't want benefits to be tied to the income of the home.

    Those limits are laughably low, so it would be completely reasonable to be mad at the limits themselves. But being mad about a problem that doesn't exist (people don't get kicked off benefits for just marriage) makes you sound uninformed and people will ignore your argument or worse, see the topic itself as something to not take seriously.

  6. I wouldn't say it is a red flag, maybe that guy just cautious, perhaps he experienced something bad with blind date in the past?

    Ngl, I am that guy. I met a girl who seems normal (judging from her IG), she asked me out but I am just too hesitant to meet someone new, especially from the internet.

  7. Maybe. But it meant paying $200 a month vs. $400 a month. Makes a difference when you are on scholarship monies. I have no regrets.

  8. I agree with everything except for him paying for all the dates, vacations, and getting her gifts. If they're splitting everything according to income, dates and vacations should be split 40:60 too.

  9. Yes it is absolutely important to be honest about this. Some people are not okay dating someone who has solicited these types of services, and that is their right. She needs to be able to make an informed decision.

    Obviously her reaction is absurd. But it’s not abnormal for someone to not want to date someone who has solicited these services.

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