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Stormy & Steph !, 18 y.o.

Location: Estonia

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Online Live Sex Chat rooms Stormy & Steph !

Stormy & Steph ! live sex chat

Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Call the police u might have traces of his sperm or nail marks any sort of print on u and u can make a report and they will believe u

  2. I think it all comes down to basic parenting honestly. Christian or not… You, as a parent, should be able to accept your child and not try to make him/her a mini you. I know her values are different from other parents' that are not Christians, that's why I've accepted a loooot of comments such as: “Now that you had sex and you're not a virgin anymore, you're like a second hand woman for your future husband.” or when she found out I got herpes from my ex, the only thing she would say is “I hope no one at church will find out” and “no man will want to be with you now that you have a std like a prostitute”. For the record, I lost my virginity to my ex and now my boyfriend is my second sexual partner. I'm just full of her and I accepted a lot of mean comments with my mouth shut because I get that she is suffering because of my choices.

  3. Or you know she could work or take out loans to co tribute while getting her Master’s. Very few people can afford to not work while getting an advanced degree.

  4. This is not a question for strangers. There's only one person who can answer this, your GF.

    What did she say when you asked her how she suggests you get more involved?

  5. A strong woman would have kicked her ass to the couch, or told her to take the Uber because she’s not welcome to stay the night. I can’t imagine letting some girl disrespect me like that, or let alone my partner allowing someone to disrespect me and our relationship like that

  6. If she said she would delete him then I agree it's absolutely disrespectful that she doesn't follow through.

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