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Date: September 27, 2022

19 thoughts on “Cocksuckingslut live webcams for YOU!

  1. Out he goes. You deserve infinitely better than this. Don’t let him manipulate you into forgiving him or staying with him.

  2. Sounds like she is 100% focused on her exams, as she should be. Reevaluate the relationship again after her exams.

  3. Lol. You're not right at all, you're just too deep in the poor-men-feminism-is-mean-to-me pity party to see it. Keep crying. I'm sure that'll work out for you.

  4. If her parents think it's a good idea, then she is absolutely lying to them. A single person giving into paranoia is one thing, but three people is absurd.

  5. She floated the idea of an open marriage, and when you didn’t agree she was immediately unfaithful to you. That’s not love, my friend- that’s abusive, manipulative, and sick. You need to immediately ensure the evidence is saved, and immediately initiate divorce proceedings on the grounds of her unfaithfulness.

    Also, bear in mind, if she was that quick to do what she did, it’s probably happened before this.


    Don't blame the victim. Get a lawyer and leave your cheating, rapist husband.

    Do you really think that if he was willing to rape your sister on the floor of a house party (at your ages too, what the fuck?!) that this was the first time he cheated??

    Wake up OP.

  7. Not that I'm an expert, but I would ask him if he wants to have anything sexual. Tell him that you don't want a serious relationship, just that you know his company and have some attraction to him.

    I know it is awkward, and the fear of rejection is crippling, but they'll be there no matter what.

  8. I’m very close to doing it this way. Especially since she’s in my house doing her laundry while I’m at work.

  9. I don’t understand?

    Some background knowledge is that she’s taken a break with him before and she’s said on 3 occasions she wants to end it with him but he begs not to but she’s still unhappy it just pains me to see

  10. Why did you open the message? Because you suspect she's not transparent and maybe keeping something from you? Tell her. Ask her why she lied to you. Whether or not you go to the wedding isn't as important as why you both feel the need to lie to each other.

  11. I agree, I don’t want to have my child in a toxic environment and relationship. That’s unfair for them. I would think being alone would be healthier

  12. the last 3 weddings i've been to everybody just gave money (not physical gifts) – all the weddings said no gifts, but had a wishing well. i don't want or need the money. One of the weddings I had a cousin ask me how much did I think was appropriate to give, he was stressed out because he had already spent money on a suit etc. and didn't have much, yet didn't want to be 'cheap'. I have felt like that before. it's a shit feeling that I don't want to promote or contribute too.

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