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hey guys today i will give u free control of my lush all time into pvt- all my media 400 tk per 45 vids- look my tip menu to get a lot of fun [Goal Race]

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. His job is to accommodate that anxiety. Your job is to explore his needs to see how you can most easily offset that accomodation.

    Compatibility is when it's easiest to offset the ways your needs get accommodated. If you aren't getting enough of your needs met, you don't have the resources for accommodating any more specialized needs.

    My wife has crippling anxiety of being in the car driving at night. I drive super slow. It's just what she needs. How on earth is he so not on the ball here? Why didn't he start this conversation about it and the relationship to your anxiety already, like he should have?

  2. Common and normal do not mean the same. Yeah disrespecting women and using them as eye candy is common, but is it normal behavior? I disagree

  3. Sorry. This sucks. But the decision is made. If you want to stay in touch with this woman, it's going to be only as friends. Don't try to change her mind.

  4. You know he's controlling. You don't need us to tell you.

    Move you and the baby in with your parents or something while you untangle this.

  5. It really doesn’t. She’s not letting dude manipulate her or beat on her or emotionally abuse her, she’s clearly at her breaking point. but I can see you’ll die on this hill so like… ok lol

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