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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. I mean, they’re the ones antagonising your bf right? Like they’re treating him badly whenever he’s around? If that’s the case then I can get why he doesn’t want to be involved with them anymore, and it is sucky that he’s giving you this ultimatum.

    Yet from the way you describe him, it sounds like this is just the last straw for him. Does he fight with them a lot? Do your friends treat you well?

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  3. Cause she’s NOT committed. I’ve been friends with these girls my whole life. Every guy is the best once they get together but somehow they are still looking for bester. And they were not receptive to advice. Some people just aren’t ready. Why do they pretend to want it and hurt people? I don’t know.

  4. “not even really into her anymore” isn’t the same as “not into her anymore”.

    nobody has the right to make you drop a friendship, but are you sure you should be starting relationships? even if you won’t cheat, it sounds like you would be prioritizing this woman over your own partner. would be disrespectful to enter new relationships while not fully emotionally available yet.

  5. Okay… if this is what your peak relationship looks like, all you become, this is the next 5 years… are you going to be happy?


    You're going to be miserable.

    Eventually breaking up because you'd rather be single, then neglected.

    Then cursing yourself for wasting years on your life on a meaningless relationship.

    So, you have two options really.

    End it now. Get it over and done with. That way you're not wasting anymore of your time approaching 30s. Be serious with him and tell him… Hey, I am not happy with this. We need to fix this or you will lose me. I want more out of my relationship so you need to step up and start participating. I want to feel like you want to be with me.

    Don't accept this as is… you will resent him and yourself down the road for wasting time on each other.

    Relationships can be so much more, literally the best thing in your life type more.

    Stop settling for this nonsense. Challenge it, correct it, or check out.

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