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  1. Yeah that’s the situation, we are both saving for a house and kids and for the rest of our future. I’m putting all of my money towards that, but a large chunk he is giving away to his ex wife and partner.

  2. This is essentially sexual assault. That “can’t control himself” sounds like he should be in jail.

    Leave him. You are the abused and he’s the abuser

  3. Why not tell Mike right in the moment that you don’t appreciate his comments? Shut him down right then.

    And talk to your partner about ending the arrangement. Now that you live together, some compromises and changes need to be made.

  4. Tell her if you weren't with her you would be with a girl with a bigger ass and see how she reacts.

    It's a very weird thing to say to your SO and I honestly can't see what good can come out saying stuff like that.

    I go to bars and sometimes clubs occasionally with my friends, I don't go out of my way to dance nor really to intereact with women, because I am there to have fun with my mates. Even when I have been approached I am polite but that's about it. I personally don't find that type of behavior respectful to my relationship

  5. I’m no not exactly given that she has told him, repeatedly, that it hurts. I was pointing out the almost exact opposite. Men are idiots and assume shit with no basis. So I assume any time she didn’t explicitly say “ow that hurts stop” he just assumed he was a sex god for no reason

  6. Exactly the dude thought he was killing it for years. They been dating since 21 this is the girl that he’s learned everything from.

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