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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. No no no just no. It is absolutely NOT as effective as condoms and that sounds like a selling point of the app, nothing actually based in fact.

    I’ve used several of these apps to track my temperatures when trying to GET PREGNANT not prevent it.

    Here are some things you didn’t mention and may not know. 1. Sperm can live for up to 5 days. So if you have sex on Monday but don’t ovulate until Friday, you can still get pregnant despite not ovulating at that moment. 2. I have no idea how you came up with “or 5 days before your period” since every person’s cycle is different. You can get pregnant if you’ve had sex up to 5 days before you ovulate and the day after (since an egg can be fertilized for up to 48 hours after being released). 3. Temping can be wildly inaccurate. Even small things can affect it. Sleeping with your mouth open, having a restless night, the room being warmer/colder than usual, etc can all affect your temperature. So she can try to be as consistent as possible but it won’t necessarily mean her data is accurate. 4. Temping does not (I repeat) does NOT tell you when you’re fertile. When you get your period you become estrogen heavy which makes your temperature go down. As you get closer to ovulating your temperature goes up but not suddenly. It’s a slow rise with many dips and bumps along the way. It isn’t until AFTER you ovulate that your temperature spikes. If it stays at least .4 degrees higher than your coverline for three consecutive days, that’s confirmation that you’ve ovulated. So temping will tell you when you’ve already ovulated but nothing about fertile days leading up to ovulation. It can help predict if your period is coming based on any sudden temperature drops but, again, there is nothing rock solid about this data.

    I’m glad it’s working for you but I think you’re playing with fire.

    Please do not tout the rhythm method being as safe and effective as condoms. She can share all the data with him she wants but it doesn’t mean that data will be accurate or that it will prevent pregnancy. It won’t.

  2. You have only been dating for 2 months. Of course everything is “perfect” when you barely know each other.

    If your girlfriend is “extremely catholic” and you are not extremely catholic and you are hoping that she changes her views, this relationship is going to end badly. Do not date someone hoping that they will change who they are.

    If you do have children with this woman, how are you going to feel about them being raised extremely catholic? Do you want your children indoctrinated the way you were?

  3. This is the most confusing post.

    Do you live together? How do you manage shared expenses? Do you not do your taxes together? Why did you have a child if you weren’t financial stable? Do you have a savings plan? How are you paying for your child? I have so many more questions but I guess start there?

  4. So you think she has to keep this a secret and cannot vent to her friends and be supported after her friend & study buddy asked her to have sex with him out of the blue?

    Why should she keep silent!?!?!

  5. more is the keyword here

    If it’s hard, ask yourself if you see yourself in a polygamous relationship for the rest of your married life or as a divorcee because it’s not working anymore.

  6. That's really the point though. At 19, your life experience is very limited. For a man that much older to approach a girl that young with a proposition, there is an imbalance of maturity, experience, and establishment. It is predatory. If she were 30 and he were 55, I might have a different reaction. But this girl is just out of high school. There is a young adults transition that happens in your early Twenties that I feel is very important, and older men who catch women during that part of their life usually have nefarious intentions. Even if to them it's purely transactional, they're not taking into consideration the girls well being overall. This guy isn't asking her out because he thinks she's an interesting or cool peer. He's approaching her because she seems like an easy target. That's the difference.

  7. This isn't the Rosenberg trial. You have plenty of enough evidence of his affair. And you don't need to confront him again. There’s no point. All he's going to do is insult your intelligence with stupid lies, and pretend that you're “crazy,” and not that he's clearly fucking his coworker every time he can get away for 45 minutes.

    You do not need to convince HIM that HE is having an affair. He can play dumb forever, and he will as long as it keeps you in this ludicrous holding pattern, digging for ever more damning clues. You can be done now.

    Time for next steps. He's having an affair, what do you do? Go see an individual counselor to get an objective opinion. Go see an attorney.

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