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Date: September 25, 2022

7 thoughts on “N A T A L I E live webcams for YOU!

  1. thank you for this! i feel like i relate deeply to your friend so i appreciate you sharing. I think i may now fall somewhere on the bisexual plane, but my attraction to men, like your friend, is limited only to C. Thank you so much for the insight!

  2. Larger age gaps aren’t as big an issue when both people are older 31/41 and 40/50 is a lot different than 21 and 30. It’s about life and relationship experience. It’s not a dig at younger people, but when someone is in their early 20s/late teens they most likely are naive in regard ti relationships and don’t see red flags as readily. So they tend to be easier to manipulate. Also you are still growing and changing, you have a lot of things to learn. The person you were a year ago is not the same person you are now, and definitely won’t be the same as you are when you are 30. I think the changes you are feeling about the relationship could be a result of that and you’ve grown out of the relationship.

    Also, if you lack trust in your partner, no matter how much you like them it won’t work.

  3. I’m guessing since they have been trying for a while and the issue is on his end, that he feels like less of a man.

    Absolutely… then he'll say IVF… so people will suspect the issues are with her.

  4. Wow so I was just looking into CA laws and it seems that a license isn’t even state mandated, which is insane to me! They still have to go to school but there is so legal requirement to license. That sounds so dangerous to me. I’ve been an MT for 9 years and that blows my mind. I’d speak to an actual human at the California Massage Therapy Council and see if he’s a member there.

  5. I don’t think he blackmailed me. He made me realize my job was crappy, and so I quit. Then he helped me find a new job near his house and I moved in with him so he could still take me to work, and so we could spend more time together.

    I quit that new job and went back to the old one though, but didn’t move out.

  6. She is not aware of his current relationship status and he doesn't want to tell her that he's found someone else because it will hurt her feelings

    What about your feelings??? Him not telling her IS hurting your feelings, and if you were truly the priority over her – then he wouldn't even consider giving you that reason…”it might hurt her feelings”…well it IS hurting YOUR feelings.

    Forget about what he says, because his actions are showing you that you are not as important as SHE is to him. When actions don't line up with words – then you know that something is amiss. I don't know if he's actually still seeing her at the moment or not, but this right here should be enough for you to put your foot down and call it quits with him.

  7. yeah thats why im confused because he wasnt really asking for an open relationship, just for the both of us to have a threesome, specifically with another girl, every now and then

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