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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You didn't do anything wrong OP , you tried to do something nice for her and she shit all over you for it and showed zero gratitude (which is the very least she could have shown). Most people would be pretty excited to get leave early and go to the spa and pamper themselves but for whatever reason she was in a mood and decided to ruin it as much as she could. If it really bothered her she should have said “take me home I do not want to go” instead of making you both suffer through her tantrum. I think it was highly disrespectful of you and your good intentions and it wouldn't have been a big stretch for her to at least thank you for the evening. Its just sad she instead decided to act like a child and not communicate what is going on with her instead she blame-shifts you for some weird reason because she can't just say what is really bothering her out loud. I would have just canceled everything and taken her home if my GF had been throwing that kind of attitude at me after doing something so nice for her.

  2. Most likely. Although the Church of the time was corrupt on a scale unimaginable by today’s standards. Remember, when you control what’s written, and the majority of those who can read & write where churchmen of one kind or another, the corruption is endemic.

    As regards to the age thing, don’t forget that it wasn’t that long ago, like 100-150 years ago, that being unmarried by the time you were 21 was to be considered and old maid. We tend to forget just how far things have come in the last 70 years or so.

  3. You're just his girlfriend, not his wife. At any moment you could fall out of love, fall for someone else, decide that you grew apart, or just want to end relationship without any reason to. And no one will blame you. But he's supposed to put you ahead of person who's likely going to remain in his life until they die? Person that can't just quit on him one day because they no longer felt like it anymore? Person that likely has real responsibility towards him?

    That said, it's worrisome that his mom “makes the plans and he can't change them”. He should be able to pick up the phone, make a call and see if he can change plans. Why can't he change them? Does his mother rule his life with an iron fist? If she's really intrusive that also is worrisome.

  4. It sounds like she's having an affair with him and using a business trip as an excuse. Business trips don't happen in someone's apartment, just her and the boss and nobody else. And the fact she's so sure he won't try anything again is because the stuff she told you before is all lies.

  5. People focus a lot on 'but I love him/her'. I think love is a choice we make every day, once the initial infatuation wears down to normality.

    You need a bedrock of trust, respect, attraction and affection. You recommit to that person, every day you wake up, spend time with them, do things that matter to them, make the choice not to hurt them or leave them.

    Someone who would cheat on you if they had the chance is not worth your time.

    Having no partner is better than a partner who doesn't care if they hurt you and who makes the decision to put their immediate wants above your well-being.

  6. Are you going to move straight in together? If so, this sounds like a high-risk strategy. Does he do laundry? Can he cook? Can he adult?

    This is why living with someone before you decide to marry them is a good idea.

    I worry that you will be a mommy-wife. How is he going to make sure that doesn't happen?

  7. Your wife has cheated on you with two different guys in the last few months. These are the only two you know about. I’m sure there are way more. What exactly are you trying to fix? It’s clear she is not going to stop having sex with other men. Is that not a deal breaker for you?

  8. I mean there’s times where I am busy all day and don’t really text people at all , maybe ur overthinking

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