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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. No, the only part of our relationship where we have had an issue is cleaning. When he visited, he helped. When he moved in, he stopped. We have had discussions and before now I had a lighter work schedule than him so I picked up more. I warned him when I took this job I needed more help and I have been stressed about the house not being clean. I have laid off when it was just us but when we have guests I have stood strong on cleaning. He took time off and still did not do it so I finally could not justify his actions or make up for it because I had no time so I was very angry.

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  3. No. I advise that you break up. Your partner should strive to bring you peace, not stress. I preface this with we are all human and our partners will need us to love them when they have losses, health disorders and other things that make an ideal partner unable to only bring peace. He wants to give you stress

  4. I'm am so very sorry you are going through this. I have been in your exact position, but I was married for many years and learned I was being cheated on for more than half of them.


    Check out this sub. The people there will listen and support you. This helped me in so many ways. Try to stay busy and active, talk to your loved ones, confide in someone close to you, talk to a therapist at least once or twice. And finally, probably the most repeated line in history, time heals all wounds. You simply just need to put time in between yourself and the cheater. The more time apart, the better you will heal and lift yourself from this depression you are in. Good luck to you

  5. Is there a typo in your age? From what you wrote I would think you are 16.

    What do you do? You walk the hell away from that trainwreck of a mother, get your own space, a new phone and some much needed therapy.

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