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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. yeah I've been in the girls position. i thought he was creepy and possibly was desperate for to get back at his ex. avoided him after that.

  2. I think an important moral of this would be that money is not everything. No matter how much you spend and how exquisite you get, items won't tighten the relationship.

  3. You keep that information to yourself until you need to use it. The moment will present itself. She’s not protecting you, she’s hoping you don’t know. Trust me keep that info locked up until everything is signed fairly then you can tell her the real reason things ended. She may try to windle herself a better deal out of this divorce. Protect yourself and keep this info knowing she gets nothing more than you.

  4. You can't fight for a relationship alone. Why be with someone who doesn't want to be with you? It sounds like it would be better anyway for you to deal with your trauma and issues first before getting into a relationship

  5. No it is not normal to be forced to do something you dont want to. How does she make you send them after you say no?

  6. walk away now. don't message her. ignore her. let her do the work to strengthen your relationship. i was dumped less than a week ago and i should have walked and made her fight for the relationship. i did all the work, put in all the effort, made myself too available. i should have walked. it's hard but do it, my friend.

  7. You tried that years ago and you’re still there? It’s not your boyfriend that needs help, it’s you beloved.

    You need to ask yourself why you stay in a relationship where affection is not being served?

    Answering that question is the only way you’re going to see your worth and the only way that you’re going to realize what you deserve.

    Staying in this situation for years, illustrates that you think you deserve this right now for some reason. Ask yourself the hard questions.

  8. This is probably an unpopular opinion on here but no matter the relationship whether dating or marriage, no women can completely satisfy her man all by herself! Men Always get bored. Always!! If you truly love him, the best thing that you can do is let him go outside and get some strange from time to time. As long as he doesn’t bring home any STDs or gets a girl pregnant or rubs it in your face. New message if you break up with him and decide to date someone else you’re just making things worse because all men cheat they are only faithful as their options

  9. Just reach out Man, you have nothing to lose, wait for a while, maybe a month and shoot your shot, sometimes People go through tough moments and their ego doesnt let them reach out, i believe you should go for it

  10. yes, but with him being so smart and everything its just embarrassing to tell him & the fact that ive been lying this whole time

  11. Paragraph 3 is gospel.

    Majored in mech. eng., fell behind the work curve because in high school, I could get a C by doing well on tests and not turning in homework. I followed that philosophy with reckless abandon. In college, I learned the hard way that not doing homework meant I wasn't going to understand the exams at all. No matter how hard I thought I studied, I never did well on exams. I figured out way too late that doing the homework and studying additional hours were the only way I could make it, and mech eng isn't even that difficult of a STEM degree comparatively.

    Once you're behind the 8 ball on the hard work curve, you have to work really fucking hard to get back to normal. It can be done, I did it, but it is probably the hardest I've ever worked. That lesson is one I carried with me into my professional life, which helps stay on top of projects.

  12. I haven’t said anything about going on a date. But he got drunk and called me his girlfriend once and then I said “ we haven’t even been on one date” and he asked if I wanna go to this one place to eat. But he was drunk, I don’t think he remembers

  13. you got scammed. you can sue her but she’ll claim it was a gift and then it’s going to turn into a he said she said.

  14. He is likely to get more set in his views, not less, as he gets older. You should also ask yourself if you want children (or what would happen should you get pregnant even if you DON’T want them, especially if he moves you to a state with no abortion rights), and if yes, if you want to constantly fight about how to raise them.

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  16. She probably is playing for time or plans her exit. She herself said that she isn't afraid to leave and doesn't see any fault at her side. And don't listen to her to be private about it, I bet some money that she isn't.

  17. I think you might want to re-evaluate what you are willing to put up with from them in order to get what you want, that being the photos.

    If, as you say, you have no legal recourse to the photos, and your siblings are being this awful about it … maybe let the photos go. Don't give them anything to hold over your head in order to dictate or manipulate your behaviour any further.

    Uninvite Twin 2 from the bridal party and sever ties.

    Don't let the wedding be about this. Use any photos you have on your own (or ask relatives who aren't your sisters for photos?) and let that be enough.

  18. your boyfriend is a controlling, aggressive, arrogant loser and you should dump him before you waste more time on him.

  19. There's a scene in The Good Place where a character realizes how much he's hurt people in his life because he rigidly stuck to promises. His example is that he didn't take his mother to her surgery because he's already promised his landlord's nephew that he would help him with his phone.

    Just something to think about…

  20. How can I move on from this?

    One day at a time. If that is too much, an hour at a time. If that is too much, 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

    What you have been through SUCKS! I'm sorry you lost out on that relationship but there are many other good women out there. It will be hard but you can move on and build a new life for yourself. Think about the good things you liked about your ex. I hope you can find those things and more in relationship(s) going forward.

  21. No it's fucking not. My wife says the same thing when I'm gone all day at work and misses me. She's being literal and saying, “I'd like some attention from you, because I didn't get it all day.” There's nothing wrong with wanting attention from someone you love and believes who loves you back.

  22. He wants a family and you said you can't give that to him, so if you care about him even just a little bit you'll let him go so he can find someone who actually wants to be with him and build a life/family together.

  23. Ah I see. Like that. I honestly didn't even look at it like that. Probably because it just seemed crazy to me anyone would have something like that just on the go available along with feeling like all I have been doing is just putting weird stuff in a glass jar and seeing if I can connect all the pieces together while feeling I'm getting nowhere…

  24. You may get your girlfriend back if you dump her. That may shock her out of whatever has put her into this mindset.

    Staying and trying to argue with her, however, will tell her that she can do what she wants and the most it will cost her is an argument.

  25. She has been to many doctors and had every scan you can think of, long before I came around. Not sure what else she can do, the discomfort she has is from her contracting her muscles, which is made worse from all the cycling and yoga she has done for decades. I was fine to not have PIV for the rest of my life so I hope she didnt feel any pressure from me.

  26. 2 weeks will not be enough time to learn to “love yourself”. it sounds like you have some mental health issues to work through and until you get to a better place mentally you will be putting this boy through a lot. its not your fault that your having these issues but you are responsible for your actions. im sure hearing these things over and over is incredibly hard on him and no one deserves that. you should walk away and take some time to work on yourself & figure out what this is stemming from. it sounds like walking away to focus on your mental health is whats best for you and him. it may suck and hurt incredibly bad. but you’re struggling really hard right now and you’ve gotta focus on that

  27. To play the Devil's advocate, she's young, drunk, and inexperienced. She probably (like many people at that age) lacks the emotional maturity to realise (at least on the spot) how her actions can inflict deep pain to others.

    Not giving excuses, just trying to nuance the conversation a bit.

  28. I remember being a trainee secretary and during lunch breaks one worker would always be jerking it to porn. I was 15. He got fired because it wasn’t the first time he’d been caught doing that on company property.

    Your boyfriend is making a lot of excuses for being disgusting. Why can’t he respect boundaries? Also I’d be a bit annoyed if my partner openly admits he thinks of other people during sex to finish.

  29. I know to most people it would be unforgivable

    Idk if it would be. Sure what you did was not okay, but you were 13 years old. If we would hold everyone accountable for the choices they made when they were teens I'm sure nobody would like anyone. You can't beat yourself up about things you did as a child.

    There's a reason why minors have their own court, there's a reason minors have their criminal records wiped when they turn 18.

    You didn't commit murder. You cried for help and made a wrong choice. You made amends, your slate is clean.

  30. You should still talk to her because it’ll give you closure.

    Hear her out, see what kind of nonsensical hole she digs herself into in trying to explain it, and then peace out.

    It’ll eat her alive from the nerves of having to meet you and then do the mental gymnastics of having to explain something that is clearly her fault.

  31. This sounds suspicious AF

    Call off the engagement. How old are you? From my perspective she's actually with you cause you are the safest option… good money, attentive, caring and a really good partner to be with. She's not in love dude. This is convenience. You deserve to be really loved. And just eight months? You don't know her at all, this situation would get worse once you get married and living with her.

  32. I'd be careful not to communicate it as an ultimatum, because she might be able to pull herself together for this one thing, only to continue caving to her crazy family in the future.

  33. That is because it is disgusting. It's not that hard to wash your sheets once a week. Stop being lazy and gross. Any woman you bring home is absolutely going to be disgusted.

  34. With respect, you need to refer the GF to the police, and you need to talk to a lawyer ASAP to figure out your options.

    You're married to a criminal stalker who is escalating his crimes.

  35. He is not an intelligent person if he doesn't understand that there are cultural and linguistic differences between the US and Britain. You deserve better than what he is giving. This will be the rest of your life if you stay with him. I have dated British men and wouldn't dream of “correcting” their pronunciation.

  36. Sorry… but being in 'talking stages and not wanting to label things' is not a SO.

    You've been seeing this guy for 6 months. Don't you think its time to start adding some direction to things?

    If you're 6 months deep and feel like you have your own personal things to work on… you shouldn't even be dating. Regardless of who you're seeing… if you're on the dating scene, you should be able to pull the trigger of relationship status.

    Are you even ready to date? If not, then what are you doing? How are things this complicated after 6 months…

    I feel like you have more than that conversation to start paying attention to.

  37. so u did the exact same thing as he colleague and your husband and now they are mad? this is actually too funny, how ironic…. what fucking hypocrites omfg!!!! they have no right to be angry THEY WANTED THIS!!!! god ur husband and his colleague are so fucking selfish and stupid. Leave him and get the other husband to leave the colleague and u guys can be together instead lmao cuz no u do need to put up with that shit. he literally asked you to do this and wanted to cheat “without it feeling like cheating”. that’s bullshit. And the girl texting u horrible things? they are both so pathetic. sad. you deserve a lot better and i’m sorry

  38. Yeah no she had cheated on other guys with that ex as well. I didn't say she was wrong to date him just that the guy she said had no chance did. Even getting back with an ex isn't bad but talking to one while in a relationship? Yeah, no. My fiance and I don't have any contact with any exes. And before you say anything it was my partner that brought it up in the first place, because there's no reason to put yourself or your partner in that situation

  39. I can see where you're coming from and that's why this is such a subjective question.

    Personally, I feel that spending intimate or sexual energy on something this interactive that isn't your partner is enough of a gray area that I wouldn't do it.

    If you don't have those conflicted feelings, more power to you.

    I guess we'll see in the next 10 years or so if AI has developed enough to be a better smooth talker than you or I if we still have the same feelings about it that we do now lol

    Out of curiosity: If this kind of AI was integrated into a sex bot, thus changing the non-physical aspect of the interaction, would you still feel the same way?

  40. There was just a few other threads about women going out to dinner with other guys and spending time with their exes, and people claimed that they had a right to autonomy and that the men they were dating had no say. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the comments section.

    Let's fairly apply the same statements made when the gender roles were reversed:

    If you're wondering about it, you're insecure. He has a right to his autonomy and to spend his time with whoever he pleases. He's not your property, and neither is his friend. If you don't like it, that's a you problem, and you need to stop being insecure.

  41. She's been unemployed for 4 years but still wants to talk about getting a horse? She's delusional! It does sound like you are her credit card that she never has to pay back. I would highly recommend cutting her off financially for a while and seeing if you have a relationship at all outside of your money.

  42. Whether you see it as emotional abuse is irrelevant. She’s complaining but not leaving. If it’s for financial stability more than his personality then she’s equally using him.

    He’s not changing. She’s not choosing him because he’s flexible.

    It’s her choice.

    She’s had 10+ years of dating but been unsuccessful? Unless she herself figures out those reasons and patterns to break, it will likely repeat. Not to mention it gets more difficult to date with age.

  43. He is still with you because he is convinced he can make you change your mind and let him in your pants. Drop him. Now.

  44. Tell him he hurt your feelings and does he still stand by what he said. I think it’s disrespectful to cut you mid sentence especially if they do it several times in one conversation. I would expect a degree of being listened to! Show him this post if it helps.

  45. Yeah – even the purring to the cat while speaking with you by phone sucks. It’s borderline disrespectful – he should be focused on you. No different than people taking to you while looking at their phone.

    Words are important but if his actions don’t say you are his princess/ perfect woman etc. and you know the answer to this.

    There’s a man out there who would be thrilled to be with you. It’s not your boyfriend. Sorry.

  46. if his mom is deliberately causing drama at his wedding, it's not a petty thing and him shutting it down wouldn't be betrayal.

  47. “Did you do something new with your nails? Pretty! I'm a sucker for red. Red makes me weak.”

    ^ Exact quote from my partner. My nails were red even before he was over next.

  48. He’s telling you what he believes and you’re sitting here thinking “nahh, I bet he doesn’t.”

    He’s a stone cold misogynist, and the only reason you’re not catching the brunt of it is he likes you, for now. You can decide for yourself if you’re fine dating someone who hates other women solely because they’re women.

  49. A soulmate wouldn't be doing this to you. The trust is gone in your relationship. It's over in all but name. I'm sorry

  50. It’s okay, i us usually suck at explaining myself. I wasn’t necessarily trying to paint myself in a good light, I know I sounded like an nerdy asshole saying “I’m the apple guy, I know more about this stuff?”. I just said it quick and didn’t think,

    I will talk with her. I just can’t even reason with her which is the issue. If I try and get her to understand, she moves the goalpost and I never end up being understood.

  51. both of them are wrong, but only one committed to be loyal to you. OP clearly has issues because she’s blaming the woman instead of just leaving her man. she’s doing backflips to blame this woman.

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