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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Just tell him you won't be able to attend because you can't afford it and you don't want to have to pay him back. If he keeps insisting just keep saying no.

  2. She married you because she wanted to be married. She's kind of lukewarm about you, but likes that she can manipulate you. I would talk to a lawyer and plan my exit.

  3. And on top of cheating, she LIED about rape. As a survivor, this is so incredibly disrespectful and sickening, both to OP and to every single person who has actually gone through that horror; people like her are why it is so hard to come forward and try to pursue any course of justice after enduring that. The fact she lied like that to OP and accused somebody else of such a horrific thing, because she was merely embarrassed that she has no self control, should tell you everything you ever need to know about who she is, OP. Don’t let her be such a shitty example to your daughter.

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  5. I've known married people, happily married out down single on social media. Social media is not something you should take seriously.

  6. Just to clarify, this is not SA, it's sexual harassement or molesting. Depending on the country. Just in case you wanna press charges.

  7. A second wedding isn't going to fix this issue. Personally, I wouldn't bother wasting the money on the wedding because clearly this isn't going to improve because he refuses to talk about the issues or work on them.

    It's also extremely suspicious about the friend. What's his reasoning for wanting to move him in? Have you agreed to having a roommate? Or is he just kind of bulldozing you over this situation?

  8. Hmm last I checked spitting on somebody is assault, where are her charges?

    You should not have threatened to hit her, but you're both in the wrong and you're the only one with legal repercussions which is not right.

    If she hadn't have spit on you I would say you just need to tend to your wounds, this is the consequences of your actions…but she allowed you and solely you to take responsibility for what she started with no responsibility/accountability taken herself, escaped her own legal repercussions, and further added to yours

    Ya, I'd divorce her. But that's up to you.

  9. This is why you're coming across as an asshole. You already formed your opinion, then you cherry picked a post that supported your opinion, completely ignoring the other context in that post.

    You make almost twice what she does. Splitting the bills 50/50 does disadvantage her. And, if you're going about your discussion with her the way you're behaving here, I'm guessing she feels belittled and not listened to. If you want the relationship to work, get off reddit and listen to her, actually consider what she has to say, and come to a compromise that feels somewhat fair for both of you.

  10. Have you seen these 'friend' accounts of hers? Do they seem legit?

    I have a hard time believing people like her have a whole army of people working with her.

    I had a buddies ex do the same thing to him for years. He had to change his phone number 4 times. Make new social media accounts. Make all new emails. She somehow got access to his accounts and locked him out of everything.

    She also made a bunch of 'fake' accounts and sent friend requests to everyone in relation. Even would send requests out to his co-workers who he had never even spoke to in his life.

    She was bat shit crazy… So, I can understand why your BF is over it and would rather not talk about it.

    As for the how did they last for a year? Sometimes it takes a while to discover this side of person, and once a break up happens, they snap… this is the result.

    Best thing you can try to do, set everything to private. Ignore to the best of you abilities, don't engage with it.

    And its okay if you want to clap and give her a piece of your mind. It's okay to be mean when its warranted.

  11. It’s just lousy timing. So what if she had a thing for Mark back then. You confessed your feelings in college and she didn’t immediately reciprocate. So you knew then she didn’t feel the same way about you. Who cares if she likes someone else better at the time. You guys have now built a life together and are in love for real, so please focus on the present and the future and leave the past where it is.

  12. In a metaphorical way you are going to 'die'.

    The face he loves will go. Just google 'Jennifer Grey' and the effect her nose job – just a simple reshape – had on her face. She became unrecognisable and lost work because she no longer looked like herself.

    The you that emerges from surgery will not look like the you that goes in (I get that this is the whole point) and you seem to be forgetting that your BF loves the face that you came with. He's going to need time to readjust and, bluntly, this could be the start of the end of your relationship if you aren't careful.

  13. OP you have to show her you mean what you say, and don't give in to things she's asking of/demanding of you.

    -You said after I pay for a lawyer this is happening, so continue to make it happen. Ask your lawyer what the next steps are that can move things along. Set a court date -FFS, if you're serious about leaving stop having sex! -She wants a list of things that she can change? The full list, the only thing on the list, is her address. Too late for the rest of it, the relationship is over -Start living your life. No need to flaunt it, but also don't hide it, just start making plans and do what you want to do

  14. All I can tell you is to stay as far away as you can from that girl unless he asks you to step in. That is just not your place

  15. You break up with him. You literally hate this man. And no judgement, because he sounds fucking awful.

    It's ok to be single. You won't burst into flames.

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