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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “Millie-bobby26 live webcams for YOU!

  1. So then stay away from each other and work on yourself. No one here is going to tell you it'll all be OK and she'll come back. Because your relationship sounds toxic, YOU are toxic and you claiming you can change just for the promise that she'll return means nothing if you don't actually do the work to change. Do it for you. Not for her.

  2. Well he can just chill out he doesn't have to be involved in every conversation that's going on between you and your mother go on with your life if he has something to say just translate it it's only a week grin and bear it

  3. You are seriously overreacting.

    The focus of this picture is not your girlfriend's ass. There's no nudity, and nothing objectionable.

    Why are you so suspicious? Honestly, you sound like an insecure, jealous, and controlling person.

    And they say women are emotional and hysterical.

  4. If somebody tells you they want to date a good christian girl right out of the gate, you should run for the hills. That's just a codename for “a submissive woman who will always do what I want and not have her own opinion”.

    And aside from this thing he’s great.

    Dude's a classic fundamentalist mysoginist. This statement doesn't work. Everyone can be fun and good to spend time with, when they're currently not proselytizing anyone with their toxic views. Doesn't mean it's good to have a relationship with them.

    If you want him to prove to you what he really is, just tell him the truth about your sexual history. His reaction might be a bit unpleasant though so do it at your own risk.

  5. He needs help, not being parented by his girlfriend. He should go to his doctor, he should go to a therapist, he should go to a psychiatrist. Encourage him to get help. That’s the boundary that you can set.

  6. that’s not necessarily true

    Yea, I don’t work out like that, but all the shit I see about SARMS online reminds me of the designer drugs and research chemicals we were eating in the early 2000’s that I now know are basically just amphetamine analogues. It’s the same thing with Nootropics for me, “increased focus, energy and mild appetite suppression”? Dog that’s just speed.

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