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Date: October 1, 2022

9 thoughts on “AlexaHill-1 live webcams for YOU!

  1. you really, REALLY need to tell this girl. he is manipulating you. she needs to know before he hurts her even more.

  2. If u are sure that you dont wanted you should talk earlier as possible this with your patner, and evaluate options.

    But, as my personal opinion, i see kids like a test of empathy and love, also economy stability, because you're going to need a lot of that to raise a child. If you dont have that, you will be like the others parents that you see.

    Also you have to see your own family, maybe the concept belongs to your own childhood.

  3. I have given head a few times but I also don’t know how to start it unless we are already fooling around

    -You start unbuttoning his pants at any random time, you don't need to already be fooling around. Example: You're sitting next to your bf right now, he's watching YouTube videos and you're scrolling Reddit on your iPad-if you were to feel like being generous you would just scoot a little closer, and by the time your hand is on his belt at that point your intentions would be very clear. That's all it takes.

    -Reading your post I can definitely see why your bf is frustrated. Uncomfortable in your neck giving oral, together 2 years and “given head a few times”, only do missionary, he financially supports you, and from what I gathered he also is emotionally supportive and understanding. I have severe endometriosis, I know what it's like to experience pain from sex and I'd never tell you to engage in painful intercourse just to make your bf happy OR because he's supporting you. You're supposed to enjoy and want to do these things, and it sounds like you don't. It also almost feels like you don't want to put in the energy unless you're getting something from it (like only doing missionary because you know YOU orgasm from it, complaining that oral gives you a sore neck ?, etc). And you don't communicate your needs to him, so I get the vibe that you're putting the minimum effort in just for his sake, going through the motions, not into it at all so he does all the work and will start to, if he hasn't already, resent you and not because he wants to feel that way but because he can't help it. I understand the pain, more than you can possibly know, but there's other ways you can let him make you feel good. Once you let that happen, when you speak up and say something like “hey, that's actually kind of painful tonight, maybe you can go down on me instead?” and let yourself feel something other than pain you'll start to notice you're more into it, and when you're more into it you're more comfortable communicating what you might like. This guy loves you, if you don't trust him enough to be open and honest and vulnerable with him after 2 years then I'm sorry to say it might be time to let him go so you can find out why you feel the way you do and work on it.

  4. You know he’s coercing and manipulating you. Stop sleeping with him. Leave him. He’s trying to force you to have a child that you don’t want. This is why you take things slow after not being with someone for 6 years. (Also the age gap probably has something to do with this).

  5. I don’t understand your hesitation. File for divorce. Get away from him. Close the credit cards he has. You know you’re being used, and you seem not to mind enough to put a stop to it. Leave.

  6. you're entitled to your opinion when it comes to porn.

    But she's also entitled to hers

    If it's a deal breaker for you simply break up with her instead of trying to make her ashamed and guilt her into changing.

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