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Date: September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “Sonyaparker live webcams for YOU!

  1. Your actions are not equal AT ALL! You left out information that wasn't relevant because you both agreed to not have children. He changed his mind and then tried to trap you with a baby. Every time he tampered with your agreed upon contraception, you didn't consent to the sex you had. Never speak to him again. He can't be trusted. Not only would he have impregnated you against your will if he could, he could've exposed you to STIs. Go get checked out just to be safe and block him at the very least. He's scary. What else is he willing to do to get his way?

  2. You gifted her a phone. Just the phone itself. You didn’t also gift payment of her monthly phone plan. Man up and stop paying. She’s your ex, not your current girlfriend or wife. You have zero obligation to pay.

  3. It sounds like she has already tried to take some action, and remove herself from the situation. You pressed for the reason and she told you, likely because then you’d of course not only understand but encourage the distancing. Maybe you two can still try to do some things one on one, but avoid hangouts when he is there when possible.

  4. By 27 most people have prior relationships and histories, as you get older you have to just learn to deal with that.

    You do say that the other girl was in your postgrad school, I don’t know if that means you guys are on the same course or in related circles at school. Sometimes you can keep things too close to home, like it would be seriously unwise to sleep with more than one person at work, likewise it can be unwise to do so at grad school.

    A lot of people will say it shouldn’t matter what a persons sex life was before but in real life it matters to a lot of people. Many people don’t want their partner to have slept with people they know, or to have a reputation for sleeping with many people in their circle.

  5. So more crying until she confessed that all she did was oral sex (on her and on him), detailed but nothing more happened because she stopped.

    This right here is bullshit and more definitely happened. She's been trickle truthing you.

  6. This guy is horrifying. Maybe the wife knows she’d better get an IUD because it can’t be tampered with.

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