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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. He is not damaged beyond repair, that’s a bit dramatic. This is an impending doom-ridden comment, are you possibly projecting?

  2. You sound quite confused with what you want from this relationship. On one hand, you've told her you don't want a long term relationshio because you can't handle being long distance for 6 months a year, but on the other hand, you're love bombing her, and say this could eventually lead to something. So which is it?

    Because you're friends are right. You've explicitly told her that you don't want a serious long term relationship with her, so in her position, I too would joy invest too much effort and energy into the relationship, and merely enjoy what time you spend together on a casual basis.

    If you want to invest in the relationship, you're free to do so, but you can't expect her to do the same when you're telling her you don't want to see her long term. If course, you can also reduce how much effort you put in to it.

    Honestly, i think you need to decide what you actually want. If you don't want a long term serious relationship with her, either stop seeing her so you can both find someone more compatible, or recognise she doesn't feel its worth investing much into what you do have now.

  3. No, OP wants for some reason others to back up her point of view, and you’re too happy to do it, and you or her really are intolerant of another’s point of view. So why post asking for other’s opinions? And why does my having a different opinion that you present some sort of problem for you?

  4. This can branch out into other areas if your life. It’s something to consider getting therapy. Just to have someone objective, that’s educated in the field, to talk to.

    Secondly long distance relationships are not for everyone. They’re not for me either. Did it for a year and a half and wound up a shambles. I currently have the love of my life. We each had LDRs that wound up ruined. We are too affectionate for it. We luckily live only 20 minutes away from each other.

    In your case you’d need someone closer. That’s something to consider. If your girlfriend could move closer, or vise versa, that might help. However I wouldn’t do it now. You’re both quite young. Wait this out. Get therapy first. Start journaling. Go go go until your hand hurts. This is for you and no one else.

    In the meantime, curb it with the “what ifs.”

  5. This is one of those things you cant fix. First of all for argument sake you might do research what asexuallity is cause this is not what she says. asexual doesnt mean never sex. and a lot of asexual people have kids. I think there might something else going on that she isnt telling you

  6. You're newlyweds, this should literally be the honeymoon period, and instead you're “at each other's throats” and your solution was to pursue other relationships???

    I would divorce you too. Good for your husband

  7. Sounds like your husband is abusive when he’s sober just like when he was drunk.

    You should ditch the dud.

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