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  1. I do two nearly male-dominated sports, and people always talk about “that guy” who can never get a gf to do the sport with him because he goes into angry coaching mode & scares her away. Your bf is “that guy” we all make fun of behind his back! This is not how a partner is meant to act? He isn't your coach, right? Perhaps focus on scripts in the moment: “thanks, but when I need help I'll ask for it.” “thanks, but you're not my gym coach. I want to try this my way.” But you've already told him this and he continues; he understands what you're saying, he'd just rather treat you the way he does? No magic words to get him to somehow see the light here. Personally? I would refuse to train with a guy like this. People who get angry like this cause accidents and they also suck your self-esteem away bit by bit.

  2. Huh? Don’t you have friends who would worry about you making a huge mistake that might last the whole lifetime?

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  4. How come she didn’t need more time when she proposed? And now it’s been six more years, but it’s “not enough time”? Something does not make sense here.

  5. It doesn't matter how SHE feels on HIS birthday.

    He said no. She asked for a sandwich. That's all he wanted.

    Wife then flips on him about not wanting to have sex with her.

    It's a gross double standard.

    I think you're the one who doesn't understand.

    Have a nice day.

  6. I don’t think you should believe him. Of course he says that, but everything else says otherwise! This is disgusting

  7. The commonly used phrase for this is “have a shit or get off the pot”.

    After 3+years, someone really should be clear if a relationship is for them. If it's not a definite yes, then basically it's a no. it sounds like the hardship of breaking up is the only thing keeping you there.

  8. Oh so he only opened it up on his side? So only he is allowed to date others?

    Throw this whole man away. He's gross. The fact that he feels entitled to a certain type of body. And puts yours down is so disgusting.

    He doesn't deserve you.

  9. You think being a stay at home parent is sitting on the couch? Yeah that’s why I think your opinions are shit. Carry on.

  10. He has a hard time understanding why it is such a problem because in his mind it is “in the past”. It’s very odd to me he struggles to empathize with my position. He can be unaware at times but this seems rather extreme to me. Lol you nailed it! Like if I’m the odd one out or the third wheel just let me know and I’ll leave you guys to it ? I can just find someone who is actually single! ?

  11. They are hungry, I think some people have watched so much porn that sometimes they cant believe real life is not porn.

  12. So.. I get you feel bad and everything. I understand that your condition affects the way you behave


    all I read is “I, my, me”… as in ” I feel bad” “i am lonely” “i miss being with her”..

    If you really love her and care about her, you should be glad that she is happy and doing better. You still have a long way ahead and .. you broke her heart, several times. All those times you rejected her, she felt bad, lonely etc. Now is time for her to heal. beause it is not your fault, but it is not hers either.

    Sometimes we need to know when to let go, not be selfish, and undertand that we burnt some bridges. Then move on and try to be better with the next person.

    To me it sounds like you feel worse about not having anyone than about not having her.

    You need to take care of yoruself for a while. Please do not rebound right away. Seek therapy, probably meds,… it wont be fast, it will take longer than 1 week or 3 months. At random days you will feel that you are great and dont need doc/meds anymore and you will be tempted to stop. Don't.

    But please, for now… leave her alone. Let her rebuild her life. I assure you she suffered longer than when you decided to break up. This doesnt usually happen overnight.

  13. She really is. It's getting harder and harder to have even surface level conversations with her. I fear this in the future and don't want this for the rest of my life

  14. “Break up” with her right now. She can’t have a boyfriend whenever she’s up to and not one the next minute.

  15. so it sounds like your sister was raped.

    I would immediately file for divorce from your husband and don't leave the house

  16. Thank you for this. I’m slowly working up the courage for this conversation and this helps immensely to know it really is too big of an ask. And it’s not unreasonable to expect her to be polite for 2 minutes.

  17. if you reach out then you must FROM THE START send evidence , screenshots or anything that will allow her to not become defensive or to go ask him about it. send her anything that will allow her to actually listen to you. good news is she is in that group anyway so is most likely going to hear you out

  18. You need to questioning yourself as to why your love for him should make you sacrifice your dreams but his love for you dosen't make him want you to be a nurse like you want and wait till you're ready to have kids. Why your love needs to be attached with losing something?

  19. She said she wanted more effort. This could have been kind of an on-going issue where OP wasn't putting enough effort into the relationship day to day. The refusal of the first proposal could have been a wake up call for OP and he is clearly making an effort now. It just feels like OP not getting the proposal “right” for her has a lot more going on then just, “for the Gram”.

  20. Just looks like they value their friendship to a different degree.

    OP, you just take your holiday, sharpen a pencil…. and go enjoy your stay.

    Why would you even think of taking anyone at all?

    You are offered the unique opportunity to have a great stay.

    Though it is nice of you to consider taking her as that allowed +1 … if she never takes you, why at all thinking about taking her?

    Sometimes the amount of closeness, importance and value in friendship just isn't equally devided between two friends. Not mutual.

  21. Is it extreme, to say she hates you- yes. And something to discuss about as It's hurtful and uncalled for.

    However, she's asked something fairly simple of her and you're choosing to ignore it. It's not even a difficult ask. Maybe put some alarms in your phone that are called take her picture or something to remember to take her dang photo.

    I have run into this with my husband. I've hundreds of photos of him and our toddler but very limited photos of myself and LO and it sucks. Lots of moments not captured that I'd appreciate having. He's better about it now but he did take the time to listen to me and try to do better.

    Maybe right now it doesn't seem important to you but as your child grows and if you two stay together you might like to see photos of the mother of your child with your child

  22. She had sex. She trickle truthing you because she knows that if your know the full story it’s over. Heat a lawyer. Figure out finances and legal stuff. Read chump lady. Take your time. When your ready tell her you know more than she thinks and that she has one chance to tell you the whole truth. Tell her your filing for divorce and that she has 3 months to show true remorse and change your mind. In the meantime get a separation agreement. This guy had his hands in your wife’s breast in public. What do you think she let him do in private. Also get a DNA test for the kid as well. Yes I’m sure that you know it’s your daughter but just the act of getting one shows the WW that your questioning everything about the relationship. Also search for Fallens guide here on Reddit. My cousin used it and it helped greatly

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