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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. he yells when he doesn't feel understood or feels like I'm treating him like his opinions are invalid and stupid

    If this is true, google demand withdrawal cycle. You both have coping mechanisms that trigger the others coping mechanisms. His frustration triggers you to withdraw, your withdrawal triggers his frustration. As the cycle continues both behaviors escalate and both can begin to feel hurtful if not abusive to the other. It’s a difficult cycle to break without therapy. And it often takes both sides to do a lot of work to fix it. For both your emotional safety it might be better to break up, and you find someone who doesn’t get angry when triggered, and him find someone who doesn’t withdraw when triggered.

  2. Nope coming from a guy I believe being required to have protection on, will solidify the relationship that I had built with that person. As it shows that they 1: care more about being safe 2: respect themselves.

  3. So you have another 29yr old child who is unreliable in work and making you baby sit. Refuse when BM shows up to take the child. His visitation is to see his child not get his gf to baby sit on her days off

  4. When they’re older? Yeah not a big deal. But she was 18. By the time I was 21 the freshmen 18 year olds coming into college looked like children to me- because they were when it comes to life experience, maturity, relationship experience, and just general shared activities.

  5. Wtf he is a grown ass, 32 year old man.

    I do not need to ‘let him go free’ like I have him on a fucking leash. If he wasn’t satisfied he could have either 1. informed me and attempted to fix the issue as a couple, or 2. Broken up with me.

    Also, how the hell am I manipulating him by having boundaries??

  6. He was there when the seats happened, which he addressed and he wasn’t around when the girls were trying to avoid speaking to me. It’s weird because he does stand up for me and I know he wants me to be respected, but in that same sense he doesn’t do it regarding certain things. I don’t think he gets my pov, I think he’s stuck in his feelings about me not getting along with his friends.

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