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  1. *maybe grow up and focus on being an interesting and well-rounded person instead of talking about your ex all the time?

  2. I think you did the right thing in leaving. I don't think the new guy will last if I am being honest, its easy to sweep a woman off her feet online, its easy to say the right things, its easy to get a girl to give you attention when you know what to say. The truth is living together, being a step parent, that stuff is hard, and he may find it easier to run. You say you have codependency issues, and your AP also has these issues, that you are “working on them together”, I'm not sure if you will resolve these issues, and may become codependent on each other. Make sure you do your background check on the new boyfriend, make sure he isn't on a list that would make it easier for your husband to take your kids from you. I do hope you and your ex find happiness, but make sure to cover your bases, because as shitty as life may be it can get way worse.

  3. Fair enough, that's your choice to make. Don't put yourself on hold, though – if you're working towards buying your own place, do that. You don't want to end up breaking up and be years behind where you would've otherwise been in terms of life goals. Best of luck amte

  4. Ditches him “this often” ? Two days out of a month? His options are also to compromise or break up. Or at least communicate his problem or boundary clearly instead of going about it in a passive-aggressive way. Also that's not how consent works. Her going away for a weekend, with her own money, does not warrant his “consent”.

    I don't see why you have to be rude to me about this. It is not “complicated” for me. They seem incompatible, but I think it's immature they way he is going about it.

  5. Wife: What would you rate me out of 10? Me: I'd need to invent a new scale because you transcended the 10 point scale long ago.

    It's not hard guys. Come on.

  6. He's going to sleep with other women (or try to) while he's on vacation. With or without your permission.

    He just wanted to “temporarily take a break” so he doesn't feel guilty or isn't the bad guy in this situation.

    Tell him him to enjoy his trip as a single man and that he'll be single when he comes back too.

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