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Date: September 27, 2022

14 thoughts on “TIGHTTINYMILF live webcams for YOU!

  1. Thanks, I do see couple counseling I'm our future. I'm sure I'm not perfect and want to be supportive, it's hard sometimes when I feel like the connection is lost.

  2. Reddit in a nut shell. Husband says something entirely stupid, the only thing we know of out of their how ever many years of marriage and then Reddits response.


  3. I'd laugh and be like, “Sure, you go ahead and waste that $200 proving I'm a good woman and this is your child. After it's done, though, you have some major ass-kissing to do for insinuating that I cheated.”

  4. If you're waiting on your feelings to make you feel better about doing what should've already done a long time ago, then the best thing you can do right now is ignore your feelings.

    Use your head; stop letting your heart dictate what you should do, when you know the healthiest, safest, only logical thing to do is leave.

    Change sucks ass some times, I know, but you gotta go. It may never get easier, so long as you're with her, but once you get over then initial sadness, the loss of what was, soon the excitement & the hope of what could be will take over.

    The possibilities for your future happiness are just on the other side of moving on from this cheating, lying, unfaithful parasite.

    I get it, you've worked so hard to have good life of love with her, but she's no longer invested. Staying any longer will only weaken your resolve & drain you mentally & emotionally.

  5. Which is exactly what pedophiles do …… This seems more like molestation to me……. She is only doing this for her self esteem and to make herself feel good. This is in NO WAY beneficial to the child.

  6. She’s setting you up for divorce and spousal support. Get your head out of the sand and get your war chest ready. Take her name name off monetary accounts, document everything, file papers first. Get a women lawyer that has a family law background and a family.

  7. No you're not. He's definitely got an unhealthy relationship with food.

    One of your children is heavily affected by him, she is already at the start of an eating disorder.

    What you want to do is right. Your children shouldn't be denied eating normal foods.

  8. Preach! Trust is earned — and is very often re-calibrated based on your partner’s words and actions. Some partners are more paranoid than others, but constant communication and re-assurances are important in keeping that trust.

  9. This is a terrible idea, doing so will affect negatively your actual relationship and probably future ones too. When it get it on the internet you won't be able to remove

  10. Soooo… Basically your entire relationship duration has consisted of daily fighting, her being lazy, and you with mental health problems. And you are wondering what to do?

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