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Date: September 24, 2022
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  1. >why does he still seem to push me away and makes me feel like we are actually just friends some days

    Here's some possibilities:

    – He's been hurt before and doesn't want to be hurt again

    – Thinks it will make you more attracted to him

    – Sees and likes other people too (polyamorous sort of)

    – Afraid of commitment

    – Isn't sure how he feels and isn't sure how to express it (not much experience with love)

    – Doesn't really care about labels like 'what you are' or see what the big deal is.

    – Doesn't like you that much

    >How can i bring it up to him about asking what we are and bring up the I love you’s without making it super weird?

    Just do it if you want to. For all we know, he could be waiting for you to do it.

  2. This is different than porn or erotica because this is a person that you could actually meet up with and have sex with,

    it's also a slippery slope towards those things, starting with this type of behavior.

  3. Babe those are big state sized waving red flags with alarms shrieking like a thousand tortured souls. Get out, go to a shelter, turn him in for CSA and abuse. He is bad news

  4. Everyone at his work are men. So it would not be someone at his job… I just don't know how he would find the time and we have our locations on too.

  5. Your girlfriend has a traumatic past involving a violent man. You responded in a violent way, even if you did the right thing, that doesn’t mean she has to feel positively about watching you beat a man in a blind rage.

    She might need some time to process what just happened. It can be traumatic to see someone be extremely violent, no matter the reason behind the violence. If she decides to end the relationship because of this you should respect her decision. She’s allowed to set boundaries for herself about men and violence, even if you don’t agree with her reasoning.

  6. Sorry, this is tantamount to emotional abuse. As you are both young perhaps therapy will help, but it is not your job to turn him into a better person or to grow up.

  7. I fear that apart from being there for her there's not much more you can do to comfort her. Maybe it would be a good idea to plan some fun trips with her to keep her mind off them and lessen the FOMO?

  8. “it’s nobody else’s business” Yet you post a complete summary online for everyone else to see.

  9. 10% to 20% yes on kids is a no. Only 100% yes is a yes.

    Kids are not things that end. Like a trip or project. It gets harder and harder and harder before it gets better. It's NOT something you do when you don't really want to and hope it works out.

    You need to have a serious conversation bc it's clear to all of us she doesn't want kids, but you seem to still be confused

  10. Without knowing much about your situation, it sounds like it's a problem with this girl. If all his exes were jealous, and you feel the same way, then it sounds like this girl is the common denominator.

    It doesn't seem appropriate for this girl to call your boyfriend to come to her rescue every time she has an issue, and especially you said she has done this while having a boyfriend of her own. It's not appropriate for your boyfriend to dump you and your date nights in order to go run off into the night and save her either.

    I think there's not much you can do in this situation. Maybe your boyfriend is wearing rose tinted glasses. All you can really do is try to have a calm discussion about the situation and how it makes you feel. There's a good chance he can't see the situation rationally, so I would be very surprised if you're able to talk some sense into him.

    Try a conversation. If it doesn't work, then I think you will have to just accept this situation as it is and all the drama and stress it entails, or otherwise you'll have to split up with him.

    Don't worry about being “another jealous ex”. It's pretty clear to anyone that this girl has an inappropriate relationship with your boyfriend, and your boyfriend is enabling her behavior.

    Good luck OP.

  11. You will always regret it if you don’t go to your graduation. Tell a friend about all of this, let them have your back and be there for you. Most importantly, be there for yourself!


  12. He's mentally unstable and owns a gun. Why do you need more than that? Your judgement for what is ok or acceptable + safe is totally broken. Your life is very much in danger.

  13. Like others have said, police. Do you have evidence of the injuries he gave to you? Photos or hospital records?

  14. So you will either lose one or both.

    Your best friend at least came clean while your partner kept things from you. If she initiated it do you really trust her?

    If you want to try and salvage the relationship with her you both have to cut off contact with him. If you believe he is truly regretful you talk to him and say you are breaking off the engagement but if he talks to her again you two are though.

    Then finally you can just tell them to both leave.

    Honestly you all could use some therapy. You to sort through what happened and they have deeper stuff going on.

    Just remember who you think your friend or partner is doesn’t mean that is who they are. If your partner refuses to start talking then it is time to leave because it is just slowing your recovery.

  15. On what planet is this a situation where you as her boyfriend don't feel the need to protect her bro lmao this is sketchy beyond belief. Say something to influence her decision.

  16. I am sorry that you are going through all of these difficulties, especially at the same time.

    When my mother was dwindling down in her last days and her time in hospice care, I, personally, could not have dealt with anything else. For that reason, I think that you should postpone confronting your SO until you are in a better emotional state; however, I don't know how strong you are, nor how angry and hurt you are. Trust yourself and your judgement about how to handle this situation.

    There is a lot of truth in the old saw, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” I think that, when you are ready to do it, you should confront your SO with the evidence of his infidelity and break things off with him. If you do this while your mother is still living, you will have to decide whether to keep the truth from her. Mothers are intuitive, and she may know that something is wrong and press you for the details. If she does, tell her the truth.

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