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Date: September 23, 2022
Actors: Zlata-912

13 thoughts on “mia-rendon

  1. NAH, he's playing you and trying to get her away from her BF. H e sounds like he's in-love with her. Flat out ask him if he wants to be with her. He's immature and disrespectful to you, and he doesn't care, he doesn't apologize for what he says to you about her. I really wouldn't put up with this and I would have to tell him that it would be best if we broke up, and trust only goes so far and he's giving you reasons to not trust him. It also sounds to me like she is trying to make him break up with you. So I would flat out ask him! Good luck

  2. So what should I do then should we suddenly want each other, I didn't initiate it first. I am trying my hardest not to do it and this isn't me being horny, when we have sex it feels just so natural and we seem to connect in a way that I have been able to with any other ex's. How do I politely reject when if a moment comes without hurting her feelings.

  3. as a hockey player, we have mixed teams. The only female players that do NOT change in the locker room are younger players / girls. They are super rare in adult league. Even then, they never get naked, they just wear their under type clothes and dress in the main lobby. Nobody ever thinks twice about staring at the women changing, and for us, it's extrmemly rare for anybody to get buck naked. The closest I even get is down to my undies after the game. I even turn my back and face the wall when I'm changing. In short, there's likely nothing sexual about your wife's actions.

    It's important for team building to be in the same locker room. It's moreso for women players to not feel excluded.

  4. Way to minimize something. It’s a disgusting, smelly biohazard from someone who is presumably still gainfully employed yet too lazy to walk to a bathroom.

  5. You know, OP, you're right. He didn't change the last 20 times you gave him an ultimatum, but the 21st time is sure to be the one he takes notice of! [/s]

    OP, you are teaching him that he can treat you like dirt and disregard your opinion and you'll just sit there and take it. Do you want to be in this same situation in another month? A year? Ten years?

  6. Personally, I agree with your decision for whatever that's worth coming from a stranger. My focus is actually on the fact that she called you pretty much immediately and told you. She also didn't allow the situation to play out very long before she left. I don't think she's done anything to make you question trusting her in the future and I'm rooting for a very smooth and happy future for the rest of your marriage!

  7. I do know people in that kind of spirit also.

    They are so darn weird. When talking reason to them they answer with frenzy. And there is not one single spot of reason in their brains one can land on to make them come around.

    Often these people entertain deep fears of “foreign invasions”,/ “people wanting to take away things from them”.

    It's like they had contracted some mental illness that popps off out of the blue on some very random and localised subjects.

    OP, being so much posessed by irrational thinking defying all logic argumentation will make a relationship totally impossible.

  8. I would take it at face value for now. Depends on what he did or how you reacted to the irritation I guess. I can think back to things I did that irritated my partner back when we were dating – just made me conscious not to do it again. We're 13 years married now.

    So don't bombard his phone for a response or if he's mad is my best advice I can give. Can shoot him a message stating 'well for your two days, you want to get some food?' and wait. If he doesn't respond at all for a week, you 'screwed up'.

  9. You need to get with that lawyer IMMEDIATELY to revise your custody arrangements.

    When I decided to divorce my asshole of an Ex, our daughter was just over the age of two. I didn’t trust that manipulative, passive-aggressive MFer to put her needs and what was best for her (and boy were those instincts on point), and made sure that custody and visitation did not allow for grey areas that could be exploited or manipulated (including making me the Primary Custodial Parent) and also had some very specific rules in place that we both had to adhere to.

    The strictest one was that neither of us were allowed to have overnights – defined as 6:00 pm until 9:00 am – that were outside of wedlock (so, with a SO, FWB, etc.) when either of us had custody/visitation of/with her. It was revisited every 5 years until she was 12, and every two years after that as necessary (it wasn’t)

    Was it a pain in the ass? Yes, especially once I finally entered into a relationship – he had her the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month, and Wednesdays afternoons until 7:30. Was it worth it? Absofuckinglutely – it cut out a ton of bullshit divorced friends/parents I knew who dealt with fuckery of this sort.

  10. Yes, which is why my advice is to get the bike and let her fuck off. This isn't complicated you fanny.

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