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Date: September 24, 2022

8 thoughts on “Goddess_treat live webcams for YOU!

  1. She wants more grandchildren and that isn't going to change. It was a drunken rant. Dont bring it up, let it gently die on its own.

  2. You feel like shit today, but you know you'll alright later … imagine how infinitely worse you'd feel if you didn't walk away now.

  3. I mean it’s true, people generally do think I’m around thirty. And I’m not saying I do have a lot of experience necessarily. I’m not one that could judge that, but I’m going with what others around me say.

  4. First, you should advice your friend to leave her husband. He is using her and abusing.

    Secondly, your husband, if he knows what’s happening with your friend, has little to none empathy. And it’s not because you are friends with your friend that you are going to start cheating. Your husband can have his values but he cannot impose them on you. You are not going to be a cheater if Sami “cheats”. You are her friend and she needs you.

    My psychologic abusing ex also said I was going to be a drug addict just because my friend used to smoke weed.

  5. I'm shocked – SHOCKED – that moving in together after only knowing someone for 6 months isn't working out.

  6. Dr Phil repeatedly said each partner has to deal with their family. This is a basic rule of family. It is 100% his responsibility.

    You are doing alot for her now.

    He should reassure her that he appreciates what she did – and will do as well for her future grandchildren (that's her payback).

    Does she have friends? Are there county services/activities she can join?

    There's no clear win here with a 75yo manipulative person. However, he can smile and keep saying no.

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