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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. He needs anger management asap. Psychologist is essential. Coping mechanisms.

    Positive outlets for energy. Think sports, hands on activities.

    It's up for you to decide if you want to be there through it. However, If he says no to help, then leave right away.

  2. The fucking comments here…. husband is being a dick bringing up a 3rd but I am sorry, it is a 100% reasonable thing to want to be able to have unprotected sex with your wife who's had a tubal. And let's be real, to the folks saying he should get a vasectomy, if wife isn't OK with it now, a vasectomy isn't going to change that.

    Even if she divorces husband, she needs to address her irrational fear, and the comments here aren't helping by feeding her delusions.

  3. She pointed out the likely reality of opening the relationship (that she will get way more attention/action/etc)

  4. I like my rule but it is definitely difficult. Our leases both end this summer and we have to pretty much decide to pull the trigger or resign our leases so I get why he’s stressed but yeah it seems like he’s worrying about the wrong things. We’re celebrating 2 years Wednesday so I think I’ll wait till the weekend to have the big convo about priorities.

  5. Great questions and points.

    We have discussed living together but both of us like our independence living-wise, and we'd only move in together if one of us had a house. The house situation is very difficult living in an expensive city.

    I do want to continue it, but yes I think putting some ultimatums on the table is a good idea regarding communication if we were to go forward.

    All that said, it still sounds like I will have to talk first, but I guess I maintain my self respect by bringing demands to the table or lack of better phrase.

  6. Why not both? Maybe give step dad a nod and have him go first, but don’t let the weird rituals of weddings stop you from modifying. The whole point is for it to be what you want!

  7. I know for a fact that’s not true. It’s true that a lot of women (and men) still have these fucked up regressive ideas. And it’s true you may have to look a little harder to find somebody who embraces your healthy emotions but it’ll be effort well spent. Life is fleeting. You’ll be my age in no time flat. Don’t waste your time here with somebody who doesn’t appreciate you. I’m sure she’ll have no trouble finding a violent meat head.

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