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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. You’re very young and naive in terms of relationships at that age. I don’t think a 16 year old should be held at the same standards as an adult.

    What’s wild is on another thread I’m discussing with a guy if a 23 year old is a pedophile for sleeping with a 16 year old. Shows how as a society we can’t agree what teenagers are yet.

  2. I'm always envious of small breasts. I was small before I had a baby when I went up two cup sizes. I got really slim but the larger breasts stayed. If it's a big issue to you, get implants. Most straight males just like breasts… any size. I do think you're being unreasonable.

  3. Toxic masculinity. We all feel and in this day and age we should be able to express our feelings. Tell your brother that he’s made your boyfriend feel uncomfortable being himself around him and as he’s the older one he should have more emotional maturity than that.

  4. Space is heathy, yes. I said as much. Refusing to communicate that you’re taking space is unhealthy and manipulative.

  5. Clearly didn't coach your sons to not talk to you about Ashley very well, but at least it looks like he is better at covering his tracks in terms of what is going on between him and Ashley …… there is clearly more to this than he is letting on, you only hire a baby sitter without telling your wife if you have ulterior motives ….

  6. He’s probably just using you to get some action but doesn’t want to commit. Take that how you will, find someone who will commit or continue being strung along.

    He could also be keeping you around incase his plan A fails. Do you want to be someone’s plan B?

  7. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a baker but when I want to thank/support someone I always offer them a little basket of homemade baked goods ! It's a nice way to show that you care, and you can write a little card saying maybe that you're there for him and that he's not alone !

  8. Not enough information to solve the problem is given.

    Pencils are also 5 inches

    As a can of snuff is also.

    Why are dudes always concerned about length…..says the guy who gets “omg your so deep”, unlike James Lewis Snow of Huntsville Tx.

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  10. She’s just gonna pull the same thing as last time or cheat. There are way better options so don’t pick the worst one just because it’s familiar.

  11. RESEARCH??? Please… at this point it's insulting your intelligence.

    He must constantly masturbate and maybe even have a porn addiction. This is affecting your sex life since his libido is different and he wants to “take care of business” himself. He needs to find a healthy way to deal with this and you need to set boundaries and clear expectations, especially on communication but also on your needs being met.

  12. this is a weird take…she got into the program presumably on her own merits and was deserving of the grants/scholarships. who cares what she does with the degree? we dont know how this relationship is going to work out or what their timeline for having kids is or how long shes going to want to stay home w them. just bc she wont be slaving away at it for 45 years once she gets out of school shouldnt be a determining factor in whether or not she gets into the program or gets the degree.

  13. bruh you are coming across as the literal embodiment of toxic masculinity right now. I don't know if you've seen breaking bad but you are giving me serious Walter White vibes where he'd rather destroy his family and the lives of everyone around him out of his own egotistical sense of pride so that he can be the one that provides, rather than taking a hand out and making sure his family was actually safe and provided for. Obviously a fake and extreme scenario, but it's a very real personality that you're embodying where you claim its all about being the strong provider for your family, but in reality its only about you, you, you. And fuck your family, they can suffer as long as your ego is satisfied.

  14. Why do you keep avoiding answering HOW you’re supporting her?

    That’s really frustrating. If you answer the above question, I might be able to give some advice.

  15. I mean, in reality there often is an outside force dictating what people like OP have to be comfortable with. Its name is “systemic sexism”, and you may remember it from such hits as, “Are you sure it’s not just you?” And “If he’s mad about it, you must be the unreasonable one.”

  16. . He doesn't know about the sext and I'm planning NOT to tell him as he will have those mental problems again and i just don't want to ruin whatever we have build again.

    OP….why start your relationship on a lie?

    When you were falling out of love, you already started crushing on a friend, if it was an emotional affair already…..only you can answer that. Then you broke up and immediately started a fling with your friend….. so yeah.

    Be honest with your bf, or break up and move on.

  17. Typically women don’t climax from penetration alone anyways, learn how to work the clit and you’ll hardly need to stress about penis size again.

  18. “Why do women willingly date men like this?”

    I ask the same question anytime one of my lady friends talk to me about their toxic relationships. Like is it so hard to leave? Looks can only take you so far. And you make a fucking solid point about how the kids will grow up to disrespect women. Fucking spot on dude. I would give you 100 more upvotes if I could.

  19. Alright let's set aside the breach of her intimacy with your snooping because I hope you know by now that even if you did find something, this wasn't acceptable.

    Do you have evidence that Sean acted out of line? Messages or gifts that show that he has feelings for your girlfriend and is covertly courting her? If yes, then it's a rather simple situation IMO: Sean was hitting on your girlfriend, and she refused to entertain someone who's disrespecting her relationships and her boundaries. Even if she doesn't see him that way, it's basic respect for your partner to not keep suitors around and tolerate their flirting.

    The issue is that you both went the worst way about it. You snooped in her electronic, she did entertain his flirting until you put her back against the wall, and you push for the most radical solution right off the bat. No asking her to defend your relationship's boundaries and tell him to back off, you immediately requested NC to someone who had issues with being socially isolated by their partner not even two years ago. This doesn't look good, and definitively not the type of dynamic that you want as your plan A in the future.

    So maybe you should talk and have a do over to make things right? Trust that she can set strong boundaries with Sean, but if he does anything inappropriate again she will cut him off on her own. You need to be able to trust each other that you can defend the relationship's best interests (in so far they're not hurting yourself) without the other policing your every social interactions.

  20. I highly suggest that you leave his parents out of this. It sounds like you both need time to mature and no one should be discussing marriage right now.

    The relationship is between the two of you. Keep it between the two of you. When you start involving others in decisions, fights, etc. is when things get messy and feelings get hurt.

  21. I mean… Kinda funny if you think a out it hehe…. Crossing the line jokes are always hilarious to me, you should have gotten up and go for the toaster to take a bath with xD, let him stop you.

  22. Why in the world would you put your emails on each other's phones? She doesn't need to send emails in your name. This is insane.

  23. The sheer audacity. You've been dating him less than two months. They're his grandparents. Shovel your own snow.

  24. You said she would dump you if you were with another woman! That right there sums the cake eating slapper right there!

  25. He sounds like he adds more stress than he takes away, which is the opposite of the role he should be playing in your life.

  26. Did anyone notice the age gap? She was 16 and he was 19 when they started dating. I wonder how they meet?

    Same time tell your best friend get over it and don’t let her close him if she cannot respect your relationship.

  27. “I saved a bit of my dead animals fur in different ziplock bags separating them by name. He knew I had lot of memories from my pets around the house but for some reason this triggered him”

    No no no

    Don’t be dismissing this as if it’s normal behaviour

    I’m not saying you did anything wrong but this is extremely odd behaviour and he has every right in the world to find it unappealing

  28. First Off: suicide is never an answer. Imagine how many people would be hurt by you killing yourself.

    Second: how come in your last posts you were both 28 and 26 dealing with a grandma who's deep in conspiracy theories?

    For any interested Readers: check camas for op's Username. It shows all history of the reddit user you're looking for.

  29. I think the people who can’t fathom such an emotional attachment to an animal are the weird ones. You literally can’t fathom someone keeping a part of someone / something you love? Got anything old from your parents/grandparents that died? You’re weird then lol. Just because it’s an animal doesn’t make it weird. Animals don’t have material items to remember them by. Wanting a part of them with you for the rest of your life literally isn’t weird. It’s weird the logic here jumps to “serial killer” Bunch of drones.

  30. I don’t think he’s coming back. I too would be unsettled by the fur but I think after one conversation explaining it it wouldn’t bother me. Everyone cherished their pets differently. Unless you have a hoarding issue I don’t see why he’d leave but maybe he’s less open minded than I am. I do think you should let him go, though. You should be with someone who wholly accepts you and I don’t think he’s going to be that for you.

  31. You don’t resent her for being a hoe. You resent her because she acts irresponsibly, doesn’t learn from past mistakes, constantly brings you into personal dramas and uses you as a personal therapist to unload her shit onto while pretending to ask for advice but never use it. This isn’t a healthy relationship at all. For a lot kind of healthy relationship you need to give and take but after reading your post all I see is give but no take.

    For your sake, leave the friendship

  32. I think you can be perfectly capable of giving him important suggestions!

    I'm also fairly inexperienced, especially in romance, but I would focus on three elements

    First, sexual health, so of course protection, but you might also want to teach him what girl go through for the period, and how is it to take the hormonal pill, why girls might take it. Even if you didn't personally take it you still have more clues to understand it, and a lot of guys know very little about these things. You might also assert that high sexual activity doesn't necessarily relate with bad sexual health.

    Second, emotional health in a relationship or friendship. Remind him that what he feels is important, and that he should be able to have safe discussion with his partners and mates, without getting attacked and judged. And also the reverse, that he should listen to others when they speak out their feelings, and of something bothers him he should address that in a healthy way, separately, not right away avoiding to face the others' feelings.

    Third, reality of intercourse. Hetero sex doesn't have to be centered around penetration, which requires both wetness and stiffness. Rather, it's important to listen to the bodies and to communicate. There's not one standard way to have the best sex, and it's not important to have skills, rather it's important to take the needed time and be curious about what feels how. This of course is true also in gay sex i guess, but it's not my field.

  33. Don't even give a moments thought to what his reason is. You have better things to do and better people to be around. FTG!

  34. Oh I definitely think she enjoys it as well, its not just for the painkilling properties. I dont argue with it because honestly, shes 63 and an adult and I think its fine (personally).

    I wish we had things like that in the US, and I am sure we do if you have enough money, but like many things in the US if you dont have the money its a big fuck you. Its part of the reason I want out and am getting educated to emigrate, but thats a different story.

    I will contact the county services and see if they have anything similar at any rate.

  35. Is your gf 4 yo? Does she need handholding crossing the street? Just waiting for her at the bus stop is ridiculous. Getting you out of the flat just so she can have company on a 10 min walk home is beyond laughable. Who have time for this crap?!

  36. … I'd understand her request if you were roommates and both around 20… At 27 if you need time with friends you go out, why does it have to be specifically at home?

    Even if she doesn't like going out, can't she go to her friend's home?

  37. Nope.

    At first I tried to convince myself to give him a benefit of doubt because maybe he didn't realize what he was doing was at least emotionally cheating…

    But then I realized his attempts at preventing me from seeing it was a sign enough that he knew exactly what he was doing.

  38. You're 12 years younger than him..and he's looking at younger girls? Maybe it's me but that's kind of creepy. Almost predatory. Dude not going to change. The next thing you know he will be caught in a sting going to have sex with a minor….alot of those sites are up to catch predators..just Google ( or search engine of your choice) it and see how often it happens….

  39. She sounds very unstable. Why even bring up her sexual history to other people? She’s deliberately inviting criticism from people who don’t matter- like that guy at the bar, and clearly she doesn’t react well to someone who disagrees with her.

    I’m not even gonna touch the part where she was pushing you to get into a fight. Even if it was just to “stand up for her” and not get physical, she’s starting drama and dragging you into it. Literally no one but you two need to know about her sexual past. It’s ridiculous. She’s 30.

  40. I don’t have Ig for a long long time. But when I did; even though those I follow are my friends (some are models though), car pages, travel and food. Yet I got flooded with half naked posts of girls in the discover section.

    I didn’t mind it. But it can happen without you following those type of pages exclusively

  41. Nice little story you've made up. No one things there dating someone for a year who they haven't kissed/been intimate with.

  42. I mean I obviously am attached to her. But it's true that this behavior is not acceptable in my opinion.

  43. To him you are essentially a teenager. And apparently a teenager who is content with booty calls on demand and little else. I'm not sure a 20-year age gap could ever be healthy, but if it can, this ain't it.

  44. This is the most reddit “she was asking for it” post I've ever seen. . I'm calling troll.

    If OP is trying to be funny whilst dealing with that weird horror of “we can't figure out what is wrong but something is definitely wrong.” Not a doctor, but there's liver, pancreas, gall-bladder, kidneys in terms of digesting. And it takes a disgusting amount of time and energy

  45. Has he got a learning disorder of some sort? Does he have difficulty understanding you? 'Cause otherwise he is using this to control you. It is a way of slowing you down, making you hesitate to speak for fear of being corrected instead of being heard. He is not validating your concerns but correcting you like a child.

    If he can understand what your meaning is, he needs to shut up and listen. To do anything else is extremely disrespectful. I suspect that he will say you are disrespecting him if you don't deliver the message exactly as he wants it. Ask him, does he correct his peers or his boss? Does he correct people he sees as his equals? I doubt it.

    He sees you as the lesser person, someone beneath him. He is your teacher and you need to learn your lessons. /s If he saw you as his equal, this would not be an issue. So what are you going to do about this? You can try marriage counseling to see if the light comes on. But if he is not willing to go or change, you have to decide if you really want to play second fiddle to his ego.

  46. Your longest relationship has been these 10 weeks, and you didnt see each other for 4 of those?

    Is that accurate?

  47. I’ve agreed to taking on making the bed before work and folding the blankets in the living room before bed at night. I should mention that I am ADHD so remembering the other chores she usually picks up is more difficult since those aren’t on a set schedule. She’s very understanding of this thankfully.

  48. The only urgent thing I had to do was my doctors appointment at 3pm …I didn’t want to go in with half hair done , half undone. My biggest issue was the driving anxiety, I get panic attacks driving on that route and was too busy thinking of how to minimize my time on the road instead of showing up for my partner Definitely not an excuse , I see now

  49. You did the right thing. The fact that Jake lied about Jess and said that Jess had died in an accident was pretty foul. This would have come out eventually, you can't lie yourself to happiness. You did the right thing by telling Sadie before the marriage.

    But doing the right thing can come with consequences, and here we find the consequences for you. Your brother is furious you revealed his lie, and it blew up his future and marriage. That would make anyone angry. Combine with the anger of being outted, and it will likely take a significant amount of time for him to want a relationship with you.

    The best you can do is tell Jake that you still love him, but you couldn't let him lie to Sadie so much. That what he was doing was fundamentally wrong, and you couldn't stand by idly. That you understand why he is angry, and when he is ready to have civil conversations, you will be there.

  50. I get the rose colored glasses for the first relationship. But oh boy this one was a doozy.

    OP, go to the courts and start a civil claim. Collect your evidence and consider a lawyer. Your ex has proven that he is going to abuse you until he gets what he wants. You need to hire someone who knows the law and can beat him into submission with it.

    That first relationship destroys us. But you can build back stronger. And that is what you need to do now. See who your real friends are and burn the rest out of your life. Distill the good and let go of anyone bringing toxic shit.

    It hurts now, and it will hurt later. But it will get better.

  51. My wife and I went through some awful terrible “why don't you guys just split” stuff butnwe made a promise to each other with our premarital councilor after hebtought us this:

    “You never say the D-word unless you mean it because once you say it, you can never really take it back, you will always remember it as an option. You can always run or threaten or taunt with it, the day it becomes a household word everything you worked for is dead and one of you needs to leave. Dont say it even once if you don't mean it”

    Now was he being wildely Hyperbolic, yes, did it help us get through the worst of things, also yes.

    I am not saying your marriage is over but the person you pour all you love and care into told you …

    He says he cares about me, but doesn't love me. And that he's been feeling this way for a while.

    And I don't see the way past this statement. I had days where I didn't like my wife but I've never had one in 11 years of marriage where I didn't love her.

    I wish you nothing but happiness and fulfillment OP. Big ? hugs?

  52. It's definitely not the update we were hoping for. Take care of yourself op as a type 1 diabetic myself for 23 years ( started when I was 12). I know it is rough, consistency in mean and medication is super important, if you have trouble with pricking fingers to know where you are at you could try switching to a sensor like “Libre 2” which I have been using a few years now and how found so much better the pricking.

    I don't know what to do about Pete but stay safe OP?

  53. If you want to break up, you should. You should be happy in the relationship, or at least also get something out of it. You can always tell her you still want to be there for her as a friend, if you are willing to do that. But it sounds like you really can use a break from hearing her complaining. Go have some fun!

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