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Mark and Anna and Scarlet, 27 y.o.


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Mark and Anna and Scarlet live sex chat

Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Be sure your partner knows what to expect and how much it stresses you out before you go. It is better that they be prepared so they can support you during the process.

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  3. Boundaries are parameters you put around yourself. They are how YOU decide to respond to certain situations. A boundary of “I will not be with someone who watches porn, has sex with other people while we are together, drinks alcohol in excess, does drugs, etc” are all acceptable.

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    If your culture involves treating people like that, then your culture is absolute garbage and you should be questioning why you are encouraging this shit.

    Either break the cycle or just do what your parents want you to, but don't go dragging others into this absolute mess.

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