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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. People grow apart and relationships fail everyday. That has zero to do with a child’s relationship with their other parent. To be so in your own feelings that you give your child this type of ultimatum, is unbelievably selfish and juvenile. She will end up alone with only herself to blame.

  2. Just talk to her. Ask to know what her thought process was – maybe she has a reason for it. If not, explain that whilst you enjoyed it, it’s not really you’re thing and you’re starting to feel under appreciated. Maybe it’s just the case that you need to give her a wish list because she struggles getting gifts and doesn’t know how to address it with you. Or maybe she thinks she’s hitting the nail on the head every time. Just communicate openly and honestly and go from there 🙂

  3. live with us forever

    She's living with him, not you. You live six minutes away, no matter how frequently you stay over. You're under no financial burden yourself and you have all the space you need. She's not 'taking' anything from you.

    It simply isn't your decision, and it's not your place to demand your boyfriend issues an ultimatum to her or anything like that. He is fine with her living in his property supported by his finances without any set deadline. He is also fine with you frequently spending time there, subsidied by him and using the 'fancy toilet paper'.

    The only decision you need to make is whether you can deal with it and stay in this relationship, or whether to break up. If it is too much for you then leaving is a valid choice.

    I'd make the same decision (deal with or break up) if I was in a similar situation. The specific example you give wouldn't bother me personally, but that's not really the point – if it did, I'd consider if the rest of the relationship was 'worth it'.

  4. What do you mean by “best you” I sensed that maybe their was some envy but wasn’t sure. She seems eager to get attention from certain men but I don’t see that I’m a threat to her. The thing is, I grew up nerdy and have absolutely no interest in the men she’s after. I especially have no interest in the sexist ones at the places she frequents. Nor do I really care to put much effort into winning anyone’s attention. I’m happy with my passions. What bothers me is the fact that my sister has distanced herself from me. Part of me feels angry and the other part just wonders how anyone could be so pathetically empty inside. Then there’s being annoyed when I talk about my painting? Like what’s your issue with painting?! Lol who gets offended over that? I’m not sure if I shouldn’t confront her or lay low. I think you hit the nail on the head with her being manipulative. I’m afraid any confrontation from me will be spun in a way where she paints herself as a victim.

  5. I know I have enabled this behavior I’m trying to change this but what kind of consequence do you give a grown man.

  6. People are being too hard on you.

    I don’t know if I would call it an overreaction, it’s just not addressing the real concern.

    In a comment, you wrote something like “would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is friends with someone else they used to be in love with?”

    I think that’s the wrong question to begin with. It should be “would you want to start dating someone who is possibly still in love with their friend of 17 years?”

    Most people’s answers will be vastly different. I’m also not sure why your bf would share that little nugget with you only after 1 month of dating. That’s too much too soon. Truthfully, at 36-39, i think thinking your each other’s bf/gf is too soon after only 1 month, but we’ll put this aside. Also, I am assuming he volunteered this info on his own?

    I think you went to “either choose her or me” to make sure he’s not still in love with her. I think it’s because you were trying to make sure you’re not his plan b or a poorman’s substitute. I understand why that would have been important to find out as soon as possible because:

    1) nobody wants to be anybody’s plan b 2) you’ve only known each other for 1 month, so you can’t really say you know the guy enough to fully trust him 3) breaking up is easier after 1 month as opposed to 1 year or more

    He picked you, and now you’re wondering if you’re overreacting because you now believe that may be he did fall out of love with her.

    I don’t know if your litmus test really proves he is not still in love with her though.

    I still don’t understand why he would share that info with you in the first place. I also find it hard to believe that anyone would be willing to let go of a 17 year friendship over a 1 month romance that statistically will likely fizzle out UNLESS it’s because he knows he has to let go of a 17 year old unrequited love and you’ve given him an excuse to do it?

    I don’t know. I don’t know you or your boyfriend. I just think your question in this post is wrong and the logic is faulty.

  7. Maybe you’re thinking of a different line? “It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late”

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