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  1. Sit her down and try to work out a payment plan. I am guessing you are screwed and she will put her needs above her obligations but you may as well lay out your cards on the table.

  2. Don't try to rein her in too quickly. The filly will bolt. She's told you she wants to stay non-monogamous for a while and that's perfectly understandable. You now have to show her you're the one for her, if you want to, and that can take some time. You just want to be the most fun, easiest to be around guy she'll meet. And that's not hard to do, there are a lot of weird guys out there.

  3. Wait, so you agreed to no dates and gifts and then blamed him for not doing those things?

    I know you said there were other things, but they are the only specific things you mention which implies they were the things that bothered you the most.

  4. Thanks a lot that's kind of you. I didn't think of the hormonal side of it as being that impacting but it makes sense that it would be and I'm probably being unreasonable with my expectations. Cheers.

  5. What kind of prrdon grooms the teenager and then has the audacity to shove it on your family's face. If he didn't regretted why did he came back?ask the sister and kick him out.

  6. I apologize the initial post failed to mention her last day within the company is the last day of this month, she has received new licensure that our hospital does not have a department for. There will clearly no longer be the potential of a “conflict of interest”, no doubt I may have been very involved early on and backed down significantly as I described in another sub-post

  7. Riiight… you totally know what kind of girl she is. I mean sure, if she told him what she did with hesitation then she's likely holding back, but we don't have the information. Not all 14 year olds are so shy and awkward just with that. It'd be different if he was only wearing his undies. But he mentioned wearing a boxer over it. In any case, what he needs to do is just have both sit down and have a conversation instead of asking Reddit for advice here.

  8. This guy is a few peanuts short of being a nutfuck. You need to separate your money from his and then yourself. I don’t know what his problem is but he’s gonna go crazy on you one day. He needs therapy and possibly medication now. You need a counselor and an exit plan now. I hope baby gets better. I hope baby and you have a wonderful life, too.

  9. Okay thanks! I'm partway through that one. My favorite part of his books are the historical examples, and I found the story on Howard Hughes very gripping.

    I have read The 48 Laws of Power so many times (mainly for the historical examples, not to chase power in my own life) that I was quite confident that quote was not to be found in it, haha. Glad to know I was right!

    My favorite part though of Robert Greene is that he claimed he 'wooed' his partner (a very impressive lady in her own right) using techniques from the Art of Seduction. And her response “Yeah sure bub, whatever you say.”

  10. Yeah no one slips up and says something dumb ever. Everything that ever comes out of someone’s mouth is something they should be held to and persecuted for. you sound exhausting.

  11. I havr , and a grown ass man threatening to beat up a woman is indeed terrible advice.

    As is all the “Bully her back!” advice.

  12. I think you should cut your losses and make the separation final. Dont do the vasactomy or the tube tying. You are separated for a reason and the communication between you is still very bad. Just make a clean cut now. Go on with your lives and let eachother go.

  13. bro in going thru somethting similar, she is emotionally manipulating u by her tactics of ending things, telling you the night before when she's drunk, sendind snaps then not responding. shes gone and doesnt care, u have to completely remove her from your life. I know she seems perfect and like theres no one else better but thats not true. Yes shell find someone else but so will u, shes not for u bro im hoping u see that soon and youll realize just how much better off u are being single or with someone else than with someone who emotionally neglects u and treats u like a second citizen just to get over u and end things. Fuck her

  14. Exactly. Maybe not extended family, but his parents would certainly be aware of his issues. If he behaves like this as an adult there's no way he could have hidden his reactions as a child.

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