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Date: October 2, 2022

9 thoughts on “Laladoll live webcams for YOU!

  1. Honestly, there is so much more to this story that is even more messed up. But it's in the past and telling it would just be a sob story and I'm already a doormat. I'm not going to be a crybaby also.

  2. I agree, you shouldn't have! I'm sure it was just like some girly excitement. I text my girlfriends all the time about guy stuff. I would just let it go and forget you ever heard about it

  3. Well I guess only you and god knows if the kid is his then because you sure are doing a good job of avoiding answering that question.

  4. All I can think I did wrong was have this idea that she had everything planned on where we would grab food from so I didn’t offer to drive or get food so I didn’t mess up her plans ??‍♂️ when what she actually wanted was me to have offered/gone and got food before going and offer to drive

  5. It’s strange that the company would make two people of the opposite sex share a hotel room together. Usually for legal and safety reasons if two colleagues share a room it would be with the same sex

  6. Are those 3hrs on the Saturday while she's with you? Because if she's with you one day out of the week and you choose to spend that time playing video games leaving her to twiddle her thumbs for 3hrs I can understand why she'd be upset.

    It's like going to your best friend's party with her as arm candy and just ignoring her the whole party. Not asking her to be part of the conversation/game just asking her to be there… Doing nothing. I'd think you were cheating on me with your best friend if they got all your attention and you left me alone in the corner despite YOU inviting ME.

  7. You need to drop that loser like yesterday. Don’t allow an immature clown like him to abuse you like that. Find someone better.

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