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  1. Objective opinion? Girls who grew up without a father grew up without a father. That's the only conclusion you can draw from that data alone.

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  3. I don’t understand how you don’t understand her point.

    You and she got pregnant. You talk her up about the let’s be a family route, let’s get married, etc. Then one night your friends get you high and talk up a abortion and your options and suddenly out of nowhere (to her) you say wouldn’t it be super if we put the baby up for adoption?

    It’s a complete 180 from your previous stance and the only denominator that changed is your friends. In one night (to her at least) your friends convinced you to walk away from her and your child, a child you were actively planning to raise before your bender.

    She shouldn’t have to ask you to choose between her and your friends but she’s pregnant and you’re pretty far down the line to change your mind on a whim. You need to grow up. If your concerns were there and you didn’t voice them you need to own that because honestly from her POV your friends convinced you to leave her and a child in the dust with very little effort.

  4. Yeah, this is what I am scared of. Of course everyone has the right to set boundaries around ”emotional dumping” so to speak. But this behaviour kind of makes me suspect that he just doesn’t care, it isn’t all about trying to protect his energy from trauma dumping.

    The way he said that gave me cold shivers ”you even saying that you have a headache drains my energy” etc

  5. First off, that wasn’t negligence- you agreed to sex under the condition that he would put a condom on, and he finished without ever doing so. That’s a violation of your boundaries and consent, and I would consider it tantamount to SA. Add to that the fact that he’s treating you coldly, cheating on you while you’re pregnant with his child, and declining every opportunity to communicate responsibly or seek the appropriate avenues (ie individual therapy and/or marriage counseling) to confront whatever problem HE has with you, the person who’s supposed to be his partner, and that’s enough to call it- your marriage is over. You need to start carefully planning your exit strategy.

    Second off, and equally important- If he doesn’t already know that you know about his cheating, DO NOT confront him with it! Don’t let him know you know, and don’t confide in anyone close to him who might let it slip that you do, or have the opportunity to clue him in by treating him differently, given this information. You are in an extremely vulnerable position, being pregnant and dealing with a dishonest and temperamental partner, and you need to hold your hand close to your chest, so to speak. DO reach out to safe friends and family you can trust and let them know that you need help and how to help you though! There are lawyers who specialize in cases like yours, and resources available to you. You’ll need support of all kinds, and you should seek it anywhere you safely can, but the goal should be to keep him content until the day you whirlwind pack your belongings or kick him out, as advised by your attorney. Start saving and planning now, and stay safe.

  6. Yeah – I guess what I got curious about was why would it make you feel that you're not “good enough” when he mentions someone else, if it's not something you were interested in

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