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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Based on your post history and your previous admission that he has a savior fetish it sounds like he thought he was going to act out one of his stories and got his ass kicked and now he feels defeated. The entire situation seemed overblown, but now that I see all of your posts it makes sense why it hit him (no pun) this hard. Maybe you need to talk to him about the weird fetish, but overall the entire relationship sounds a bit gross to me overall.

  2. A lot of people are saying to see a doctor, but it might also be a good idea to contact a sex therapist as well in case it's a mental block issue.

  3. He took the first opportunity he had and left. He's done. He checked out. Verify that he's okay by contacting his parents, but even if they don't know, contact a divorce attorney.

  4. It’s not even a matter of him being right or wrong because it’s neither. Without the entire background he’s making a choice based on what’s best for his priority which is his wife. All he’s seeing is a younger woman who made a choice she wasn’t ready to make. She looks irresponsible and if that was the info I had I wouldn’t be inclined to hand a large sum of money over either.

    Knowing it wasn’t a choice on the sisters part but a matter of safety his answer may be different. He can be neither right or wrong without the full context of the entire situation. And I’m not really getting why OP would want to hide it unless she herself has been active or enabling the abuse at home. Growing up in a similar situation where my brother was both sexually and physically abusive you don’t hide or avoid the topic unless your protecting the abuser. Op isn’t protecting her family image by doing this she’s denying and hiding and shifting fault onto the victim. It’s time to tell husband the truth and cut off abusive family members

  5. That is rape. Cut the ties asap. Block her, cut her off, do not collect 200$, do not pass go. If you HAVE to explain it to her, simply leave it at “you raped me. I don't want to talk to my rapist” and then cut off any and all contact.

  6. It's not as simple as that sometimes, his actions if not speaking to them is an obvious sign of bad blood and no one can make him explain his trauma as that could result in a mental breakdown

  7. If my partner spat in my face purposefully I'd tell them to get the fck out of my house and take their crap with them. We'd be done instantly.

  8. You would have to find out how that works because i dont know. It depends where she is.

    You dont need someones address to do a wellness check. Just their full name and d.o.b but that again depends on the country

  9. I’m not confused. Like I said, sterile and infertile are not the same thing and neither are 100%. My cousins husband was deemed sterile, not infertile. He has a kid now. A vasectomy is male sterilization and even it is not 100%.

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