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“If I keep shaking my ass, while you make me burn with your tips , ♥ Goal: Go to the Private(Ride the kamasutra) ♥ – Multi-Goal : Sit on my dildo while working out #bigboobs #latina #pvt #squirt #bigas” [51 tokens remaining]

Date: October 2, 2022

8 thoughts on “Anthoneladoll live webcams for YOU!

  1. Bring in pizza for the office with an apology or at least just the person whose pizza it was with an apology

  2. This is good. People who talk like your ex should face the consequences/ get help. Whatever happens to him isn't your fault. Serves him right for talking out like he did.

    Take care of yourself and dont let this circus distract you from your education.

  3. So … Your advice boils down to “don't touch or be touched unless you plan to fuck him”?

    That's really shitty advice. It perpetuates the idea that touch between partners has to or should lead to sex. It is also a surefire way to build resentment in the relationship. A healthy relationship needs to include affectionate connection without pressure and expectations.

    I've seen how that plays out: in the past, I had a partner who only touched me or showed affection in an effort to get something (sex). I felt neglected, used, and generally unloved and it was a significant part of why I ended the relationship.

  4. It sounds like you want her to stop supporting them and start supporting you. Why would she start paying your rent if she owns a house? You’re planning on having a child with this woman. When that child becomes 18 do you expect to just cut them off? How can you start a family with someone who’s children you don’t like? They’re always going to be a part of her life, and it’s really none of your business if she financially supports her kids.

    You aren’t ready to have a child with this woman because you can’t accept that her kids come first.

  5. Don’t make your insecurities his problem. That’s unfair.

    And it seems like you need to cut back on TikTok and Reddit if all the posts are making you suspicious of your boyfriend who has never given you a reason to not trust him.

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