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Date: October 1, 2022

9 thoughts on “BIANCA-BENNETT live webcams for YOU!

  1. Stop asking him to wear one he already knows your boundry.

    Just simply decline ALL sex from now on with ” no thanks, I dont want a uti i can just masturbate thanks' , until he straight up begs put one on.

    By asking you are 'negotiating' condom sex vs no condom sex when in fact the choice should be no sex/condom sex.

    You clearly have the “goods” he wants let him negotiate for them. You don't owe him anything.

  2. Of course you should tell him how you feel. But don’t ask or expect him to change. Sounds like he’s friendly guy and there’s nothing wrong with that unless you two have established guidelines. He’s acting the same when you’re with him, so it’s not likely that he’s hiding anything.

    My BF is a friendly flirty guy too and it makes me happy to see him enjoying himself. He loves me and is faithful, so I’m not wasting my time being jealous or insecure when we go out. His friends can become your friends too.

  3. Oh no. Does that mean I am a bad person. I’ve stopped doing all that now but now I feel like a bad person. I hope im not a bad person

  4. You had to leave the old apartment for a reason. The reason is your bf. This is toxic and the relationship won't last long because of it. He should be happy you found a place and celebrate with you, not sulk over the fact he hasn't found anyone and you were the first.

    He acts immature and selfish. I can only get you my advice here and say: If my bf behaved like this and also were the reason I couldn't renew my old lease, I would move into my new place and start over without him.

  5. What the hell is sunless tan?

    Forgive my cluelessness but there is some tan that you can just rub on? ?

  6. The concerns for his appearance can be a red flag. The missing flight another red flag, when you land to catch your connecting flight, you rush to the gate, you don’t go get food unless you know you have enough time. There are flight boards up everywhere with flight information. Pretty hard to miss your connection. Convenient that the coworker happened to have a friend in this town with enough space for both of them,must be a big place. Or was this a planned night in the city? Check you bank information and credit card statement for hotel rooms in this city. Sorry Op, not looking good.

  7. Is the idea that merely having someone else in your office suspicious it you don't have windows? This is pretty outrageous.

  8. Is the idea that merely having someone else in your office suspicious it you don't have windows? This is pretty outrageous.

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