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Date: September 23, 2022

11 thoughts on “Lover Team

  1. He loves you with his entire heart but bailed on you when it came to living together so now you have to get a second job to cover expenses that would have been covered by him if he didn't bail? I wouldn't do that to someone I loved. I actually would do that to someone I disliked… No, I wouldn't actually… It's too mean. No one deserves that.

  2. How would you want her to handle the situation if the roles were reversed? Do you have any sort of obligation based in your agreements to look out for eachother?

    I'd say tell her. She needs to know how he's behaving outside of her view.

  3. At the very least, maybe meet the bio mom without your daughter around so you can see what she's like. She could be normal, she could be a train wreck, she could be dangerous — find out first.

  4. What you did was a charitable act to the other guy. He is a victim just like you. He deserves to know he was living a lie; that she was deceiving him every day, just like you.

    Remember, your ex is the kind of manipulative super-liar that can maintain two whole relationships – she’s A++ at deception – and she’s using those skills to manipulate you into feeling like you did something wrong here. You didn’t. Not telling the other man would be the cruelest thing – akin to walking by someone who’s drowning and deciding not to throw them the readily available life preserver.

  5. Are they less than 6 months if so you should wait until they are 6 monthes then ask him to go, they need to bond with him too. Maybe practice and get him doing most of the care sat/sun until he moves out.

    If they are over six months old then they are not too young he is their father and kids often start nursary at that age.

  6. This is better than my response. Really ask yourself that OP because someone who judges attraction based on income has an extremely low maturity level.

  7. I would really be careful with this as he's in law enforcement and most cops are huge assholes.

    Will he make your life living hell after you make it public?

  8. You two are young still. Started dating at 16? Take that break if you need it. Sometimes distance gives perspective.

    Also if you have issues to work through, sometimes it's best to do it on your own.

  9. If the first thing you do when you break up is fuck people you probably shouldn’t be dating. At least do the respectable thing and let him know so he can make informed decisions.

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